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Chareidi Hikers Recused in the Tekoa area of Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion Search & Rescue officials in the Israel Police Shai District provide details pertaining to the rescue of a chareidi couple, hikers who arrived from Beit Shemesh, rescued on Sunday morning in the Tekoa area.

The couple left Herodian at 7:30AM with a map and six liters of water and food. As they headed down into Nachal Tekoa they lost the path, which led them to become confused as how to get back out of the area, missing the exit at the southern bank of Nachal Tekoa [towards the cave]. Instead of heading upward, they continued eastbound, until they realized they were totally lost.

Not panicking, they stopped and phoned the Tekoa emergency dispatcher, with whom they spoke earlier, reporting they were heading down the nachal. The dispatcher notified search & rescue personnel, and the team was assembled and responded. They were able to speak with the couple on the phone, and they understood from this where they were. They were instructed not to move from the location. Two teams headed out from different starting points, one walking and the other in a jeep.

It is reported the two are seasoned hikers but, in this case, they simply erred, and assistance was required.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Does YWN maintain an editor to look over not only the body of the articles but the headlines as well?

    In perusing the headlines of today’s YWN articles I noticed two spelling errors. The first one “MODETSTY” is simply a typo that doesn’t affect the meaning of the headline. However, the second one located in this article, “RECUSED” instead of “RESCUED”, has a completely different meaning. While after a few seconds the reader can figure out that we are talking about hikers who got lost and needed assistance to find their way back rather than discussing a judge removing himself from a case due to perceived bias, it still creates the perception of a publication that is not first rate.

    YWN is a respected resource from people looking for kosher news reporting but its reputation for professionalism suffers when spelling errors creep into the articles and especially when they creep into the headlines. Perhaps we can maintain YWN’s level of respect among its readers by having its headlines peer reviewed before publishing.

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