NEW THREAT: Hamas Using Drones To Drop Explosives On Israeli Towns Near Gaza


Numerous isolated incidents over the past three months have pointed to a new wave of attacks being implemented by Hamas terrorists against Israel in the form of direct explosive drone attacks. Seemingly, Hamas is in the final stages of developing drones that can drop explosives at pinpoint locations that are seen by the drone’s cameras.

On the evening of May 13, an explosion was heard in one of the towns in the Gaza periphery. Residents who came out of their home to investigate found a pair of explosive devices with a small parachute on their lawn and couldn’t explain how it had arrived. One of the devices exploded, but didn’t cause any damage. Police sappers arrived at the town and gathered the device, but couldn’t explain how and where it came from.

Several days later, a similar device was found on the outskirts of the same town, and this time, security forces noticed a connection between the explosive devices and a drone being launched from the strip.

The incident occurred a third time when the drone crashed before making it back to the Strip. The IDF didn’t report to the public about these incidents at the time. However, Israeli media reported on Sunday, that the working assumption of the IDF Southern Command is that Hamas has the potential to launch drones that can drop explosives.

With the use of drones dropping explosives on specific targets Hamas can cause all sorts of damage and injuries to Israeli military and civilian targets.

The IDF categorizes the use of explosive drones as armed terrorism and believes that Hamas won’t use that tactic for the risk of creating an armed military conflict.

According to data from the Overland Crossings Authority at the Defense Ministry, in 2016, 110 complete drones and 51 drone parts were seized at Gaza border crossings. In 2017, 70 complete drones and 301 drone parts were seized. And in 2018 so far, 60 complete drones and 400 drone parts have been seized. Most of the equipment seized had been purchased online from companies like AliExpress to later be developed into explosive drones inside Gaza itself.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. First, it was kites now its drones. Flying Kites, flying drones what is wrong with that???? What should the poor children of Gaza do when they are bored? They try to hold peaceful marches and Israel shoots them. They play games with some harmless stones and Israel tear gases them. Hamas tries to teach their citizens advanced rocket systems and the Isralies have the nerve to disrupt their education by shooting their own missiles at their homes and schools. The tunnels they dug were designed by the greatest Palestinian engineers. Hamas only wants to rival the subway systems in NYC and Moscow. Israel of course, sabotages these plans. Of course, the worst thing those Israelis did last week was to declare Israel to be a Jewish State. Don’t they know that Palestine is called Palestine because of the Palestinian refugees who were forced from their ancestral homes? I’m sure that stone that fell from the wall was G-D trying to knock some sense into them. Israel stop trying to prevent the Gazans from progressing in all they do for mankind.
    Sometimes I Think the leadership of Israel actually believes this.

  2. Israel tolerates toeva parades, mixing of the sexes in the IDF, hillul Shabbos, disrupting limmud Torah.
    Get rid of the government by voting it out, it has no authority in Torah.