TRAGEDY: Bnei Brak Child R”L Drowns In Small “Tzimmer Pool” In Vacation Cabin


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A child from Bnei Brak died as a result of drowning in a small “tzimmer pool” (pool inside vacation cabin) in his parent’s room in Yavniel late Sunday night.

The Bnei Brak family visited Yavniel for bein hazmanim vacation. According to a United Hatzalah report, they were in a tzimmer room with a pool. UH EMT Ezra Ochayon reported that he immediately began CPR upon arrival, calling for additional units, including advanced life support.

Advanced life support measures were implemented, and the child was transported to Poriah Hospital in Tiveria while CPR and advanced measures continued. Unfortunately, he was Niftar in the hospital a short time after arrival.

BeChadrei Chadarim reports 181 children have died as a result of drowning, in Israel, since 2008. A staggering 24 children have died as a result of drowning in Israel in 2018. For comparison sake, a total of 15 children died as a result of downing in all of 2017.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / Photo Credit: Police Spokesman Unit via Media Resource Group)