Senior Syrian Missile Scientist Killed in an Explosion


A senior Syrian scientist, Aziz Asbar, director of the Al-Masyaf Scientific Research Center, was killed in an explosion in his car in the western city of Hama, the Al-Arabiya network reported.

According to the report, Asber, who is considered a close associate of Syrian President Bashar Assad and acted directly under him without a mediator, was killed in the explosion along with his driver. It was also reported that he was involved in the Iranian missile development program “Fateh” and is considered close to Iranian and North Korean scientists.

The Al-Manar network reported that the explosion occurred shortly after he left his home. Syrian television reported that the source of the explosion was a “gas balloon”. The Assad regime has yet to issue an official statement.

The intelligence blog reported that the Syrian scientist headed the Syrian Science Research Center’s “Department 4”, which is responsible for the development and research of all ballistic missile and rocket programs. It was also reported that he was considered number 2 in the center and was directly subordinate to the head of the institute, Dr. Amar Armani.

The Al-Arabiya network reported that in the past, Israel had attacked the Al-Masyaf Science Research Center from the air, against the background of the activity of Iranian forces there. According to foreign intelligence sources, al-Masyaf is located in a compound used by the center to develop chemical weapons for Assad’s regime.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)