WATCH THIS: Chareidi Child Brings Cold Drinks For Police Officers at Peleg Hafgona in Bnei Brak


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A young child holding cold drinks was spotted walking up to a group of police officers during the Peleg hafgona in Bnei Brak on Monday afternoon. The boy is seen offering the officers drinks, as they prepared to shut down the protest which had illegally closed a major street to vehicular.

Police used water canons, horses and other riot gear to disperse the crowd.

The protests eventually ended, after around 12 Peleg protesters were arrested.

For those who are unaware, the protests are ended after a message goes onto the Peleg phone lines with the message of “Viyachzir L’talmudo” (return to your learning). YWN has attempted multiple times to ascertain who exactly makes the decision to end a protest at a particular moment in time. YWN has been unsuccessful in confirming this information.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Peleg people are brain dead and have no idea what is Torah….

    Let them go into the army and stop perverting the beis medreshes…..