VIDEO & PHOTOS: Arrests Made At Peleg Protests In Bnei Brak; Police Use Water Cannons, Horses To Disperse Crowd


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As promised, the Peleg Yerushalmi protested on the streets of Bnei Brak on Monday afternoon.

The protest surrounds the arrest of A Sephardi Yeshiva Bochur named Nissan Raada, who was arrested by military police for failing to report to an IDF induction center. He was arrested last week.

Following his arrest, stormy protests were held in Yeurhalayim, where approximately 50 members of the Peleg were “Mikadesh Shem Shomayim” and arrested for blocking the Jerusalem Light Rail and some major intersections. They were all released the next day.

As YWN reported, the The Israel Police announced on Monday that they will not prevent the holding of the protest out of a desire to allow the freedom of speech and protest of any citizen who so desires. At the same time, they added that they will not allow any disturbance of the peace and will act resolutely against violence of any kind.

As soon as the protesters shut down the street, police moved in and arrested began. Eventually, water canons, horses, riot gear and other resources were brought in to assist in moving the protesters.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDITS: מחאות חרדים הקיצונים 


  1. Two points:
    1) Looking at the photos it appears that the actual number of demonstrators is not really that large. They make noise well beyond their actual numbers. The big problem is that the rest of the Chareidi world doesn’t loudly reject this group. This tolerance is what may be leading to my second point.

    2)The country is now going through 5 years of drought.
    Large number of Chareidim hurt in accidents.

    What are we doing wrong?
    The country’s liberal attitudes towards LGBTQMNOP’s and acceptance of the Reform.

    The tolerance by the charedi community to the Peleg hooligans and their movement
    Attacks on someone including their own simply because they aren’t frum the way you define frum.
    Attacking someone for joining the IDF.

  2. Proof positive that wearing a black hat and jacket does not make you frummer. These are not yeshiva boys. Just bums wearing black hats.

  3. 1. why aren’t these boys sitting and learning instead of making a chillul Hashem!
    2. where are their Roshei Yeshiva who use these boys as guinea pigs? let them come out and get arrested!

  4. peleg are idiots who believe in harassing other people is a mitzvah. How many people got screwed up in traffic because of these idiots?

    Better they should sit in jail and not learn than sit in the street and not learn ’cause it is obvious that they do not know how to learn or think!

  5. i hope the water was connected to a raw sewage source and mixed in some permanent blue dye. i saw a lot of blue hair at last week’s march; however, make sure to get their hats as well. black and blue do not match.

  6. ” a lot of blue hair at last week’s march” someone who was at last week’s march has little right to call himself Yidd,besides having lost his credibility