WATCH: IDF Tank Mistakenly Opens Fire On Gaza Post – Two Hamas Members Killed


The IDF has admitted it killed two Hamas terrorists in error, when an IDF tank opened fire on a Gaza post on Tuesday.

According to the initial report from the IDF, the tank opened fire to retaliate for gunfire directed at IDF soldiers. There were no reports of soldiers struck by gunfire.

Hamas later denied Israel’s account, saying shots were fired as part of a graduation ceremony for a group of fighters inside the camp. The group’s armed wing said the fighters’ families and Hamas leadership attended the event, without providing names. It said Israel was “fabricating lies” and that it bore responsibility for the deaths.

The IDF later acknowledged that the Hamas shooting that led to a deadly retaliatory strike earlier today did not target IDF troops.

Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi, the head of the army’s Southern Command, concluded the IDF strike was made in error, as the snipers, part of Hamas’s naval commando unit, were not shooting — as the army believed in real-time — at a border fence patrol of the Rotem battalion of the Givati infantry brigade. The shooting was part of a drill being observed by senior Hamas leaders in the northern Gaza Strip.

The army has sent messages to Hamas via Egypt acknowledging the error but insisting that retaliatory fire on IDF troops would not be tolerated.

The incident took place amid Egyptian efforts to broker a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinian terror group, which controls the coastal strip.

The IDF released the attached video appearing to show terrorists shooting from a watchtower before a tank shell hits the position.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What exactly is the IDF’s problem here? That two terrorists were disposed of? That is a reason to rejoice not issue a groveling apology. Next thing we will be hearing that the hated Zionist regime has sent money to the next of kin to smooth over the unfortunate “mistake”.

  2. Killing terrorists is never a mistake. Delaying the eradication of terrorists is the only mistake. May many thousands more Hamas terrorists meet their end, swiftly, BE”H.

  3. Did I understand this correctly? GUNFIRE was heard near the source of frequent Terrorist gunfire. IDF responds appropriately. What—-It was just a Graduation party?!! I have a bridge to sell you.
    And They partied with guns over THERE —and are surprised at a response? I don’t accuse the IDF of being ‘Chosh’ed b’shairim.’ REALLY. Why the IDF had to admit a ‘mistake’ is beyond me.