TRAVEL ALERT: Israel’s Disabled Community Protesting At Ben-Gurion Airport Terminal 3 On Tuesday


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On Tuesday, 26 Menachem Av, members of Israel’s disabled community plan to protest at Ben-Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3, which will severely disrupt the airport’s operations on an extremely busy summer day.

According to the announcement, the protest is set to get underway at 4:00PM on a day during which officials will be processing almost 92,00 travelers, of which 45,985 will be leaving and 45,671 arriving. The protesters are demanding increased government assistance, with many claiming they are unable to maintain a dignified life or meet minimum expenses on the monthly aid they receive today.

Airport officials advise passengers who are departing to head for the airport significantly earlier as delays are to be expected. In the past, disabled protesters blocked streets and highways with wheelchairs and mobility carts, and the same is to be expected today.

Airport officials add that they will be doing everything possible to keep operations as close to the schedule as possible.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If it isn’t ledigeyer “yeshivaleit” blocking the roads, it’s cripples disrupting the airport.
    There’s only so much an emerging economy can do to support its least productive elements.
    So I say: shoot ’em!

  2. It’s funny and hypocritical how the government decides in this supposedly free country how people can demonstrate. Some groups can do whatever they want disturbing the public and some get The Living Daylights beating out of them

  3. RichardM: You are a first class idiot. I wonder which street corner you sit near with your plastic cup in hand or on the ground.
    I don’t agree with them that they are protesting at Ben Gurion Airport. They should be at the Knesset instead but it’s their choice
    You should be totally ashamed of yourself for belittiling disabled and handicapped people. These people have just as many rights as you have in our free and democratic country and have the right to speak out when jerks like you wish to cut them off and as you say “So I say: shoot ’em!”. I for one volenteer to hold the barrel in your mouth.
    I truly wish you and your attitude an early demise.

  4. but where is all the vitriol against protesters who inconvenience other people?
    Oh right, it’s only reserved for when charedim doing it, people don’t get nasty if disabled or gays or others do it.