Conservative Rabbi Recently Arrested for Performing Chupah Involving a Mamzer Joins The Meretz Party


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Haifa resident Rabbi Dov Haiyun, who is affiliated with the Conservative Movement, recently made the news when police arrived at his home during the predawn hours to arrest him for performing an illegal Chupah.

While Haiyun has been marrying couples for years, when the local rabbinate learned this case involved a possible Mamzer, it filed an official complaint with police since Haiyun is not authorized by the Chief Rabbinate to perform weddings, leading to his arrest.

The fashion in which he was arrested, during the predawn hours, led to an outcry, particularly among secular MKs. It is now being announced that following his newly-gained notoriety, Haiyun has joined the extreme left-wing Meretz party, and will lead the party’s local list in the upcoming Haifa municipal elections.

Meretz Chairwoman MK Tamar Zandberg welcomed his joining “at a time when the liberal-pluralistic space under attack is strengthening our struggle.”

Rabbi Haiyun led an independent municipal list called “Haifa Shaveh”, which recently became a member of the Meretz party and decided to join its ranks. The head of the Meretz list for the city council, Tavor Lahat, will be placed second in the list.

Zandberg added, “The rabbi who was in custody because he would not compromise on representing his values will now represent us in the Haifa city council.”

Rabbi Haiyun said, “We responded with joy to the invitation of Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg and head of the Meretz list in Haifa, Tavor Lahat, to join and lead a real bloc in the local elections to the city council.

“Such a connection creates a synergy that will lead to a model of coexistence, pluralism, equality and a loving and caring connection to the place where we live as a diverse Haifa community.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “The rabbi who was in custody because he would not compromise on representing his values”
    “The rabbi who was in custody because he would sell Judaism down the river”

  2. How appropriate for this “erev Rav” to join the erev rav party! He will have plenty of mamzerim to marry off, unless they are homosexual.

  3. He’s as a RABBI as the CHAREIDI huligans protesting & blocking roads,
    If they can ba called CHAREIDIM so can he be called a RABBI,