Justice Ministry’s Legal Aid Unit Drops Assistance For Woman Refusing To Accept Get


A Haifa Rabbinate beis din has for some time been dealing with a case in which the wife has refused to accept a get, now for four years. This has resulted in the beis din placing sanctions on her, including a prohibition from leaving the country and barring her from maintaining a bank account, albeit to no avail.

On the background of this case, on Sunday, 15 Elul, KAN Reshet Beit Radio turned to legal aid unit of the Ministry of Justice, demanding it stop representing the wife. It is pointed out the unit decided to stop representing the wife before receiving the request, having been asked to do so by the beis din, in the form of a letter explaining the case.

The unit points out however that it has rejected a request to refrain from representing persons refusing to give a get as a matter of policy, further explaining that despite granting aid to persons, the unit will not permit a person to take advantage of the legal assistance in a malicious fashion, citing each case will be viewed and judged on its own merit.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. these cases though much less frequent than the reverse, a man not willing to give a get, have an easy rabbinic solution, a heter meah rabbonim. for the women, without poskim with breite platzes and genius and a burning desire to find a solution, like Rav Ovadyah Yosef, ztl, are destined to a life of solitude and suffering. fortunately in israel the civil authorities, directed by a beit din, can help. in the US absent a prenup, there are few options.