IDF Forces Arrest 27 Palestinian Terrorists In Yehuda And Shomron


IDF soldiers, Shin Bet agents, border police and regular police during the night of 18 Elul (Tuesday to Wednesday) conducted counter-terrorism operations in PA (Palestine Authority) areas. The operations led to the arrests of 27 PA residents suspected of involvement in terrorism and/or violent confrontations with security forces.

The persons arrested are often handed over to the Shin Bet for questioning and the intelligence information gathered, often enables security forces to prevent terror attacks B’chasdei Hashem. Hence, some of the arrests made were based on information received from questioning PA residents arrested earlier.

Forces found and confiscated illegal weapons in the Binyamin and Etzion districts, including a Carl Gustav machinegun, a magazine and ammunition.

In Beit Rima, forces were met with violent resistance and they were attacked with firebombs, rocks and bottles, and one pipe bomb. B’chasdei Hashem, there were no fatalities or injuries.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)