TEHILLIM: Breslov Rav in Tzefas Hospitalized in Critical Condition with the Measles


Rabbi Chaim Koenig, the Menahel of mosdos Breslov in Tzefas, is hospitalized in Carmel Hospital in critical condition, diagnosed with the measles. According to the Ynet report, the rabbi contracted the measles following his return home to Israel from a visit to Uman.

On Sunday, 28 Tishrei, the rabbi was placed on an ECMO machine which replaces heart/lung functions and transferred from Ziv Hospital to Carmel Hospital, where he remains in critical condition in an intensive care unit. Officials report he has a severe viral pneumonia which has resulted from the measles.

Rabbi Koenig is a son of Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, Rov of the Breslov community in Tzefas.

Israel’s Health Ministry recently released a warning that persons who traveled to Uman may have been infected with the measles, referring to passengers on both KLM and Air Ukraine airlines, urging them to get vaccinated. The illness appears to be making a return as there are many people who refuse to have their children vaccinated.

According to the ministry, the most cases of measles this year is being reported in Petach Tikvah, with 53. Tzefas is next with 43 cases, followed by Tel Aviv with 22 and Jerusalem with 20.

Please be Mispallel for Chaim Shalom ben Chaya bsoch sha’ar cholei yisrael.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “The illness appears to be making a return as there are many people who refuse to have their children vaccinated.”
    The above statement really sums up the YWN article beautifully. Hishtadlus people, Hishtadlus! Hashem has allowed the Science community to advance medical discoveries in recent decades and centuries. I’d sincerely wish a complete Refuah Shleimah, but R’L I know that Hashem doesn’t often perform open miracles without at least the slightest attempt of contribution of effort on our parts.

  2. what a surprise; you do not take the immunization vaccine and you get measles. God’s natural order continues – the sun rises in the east and measles are contracted by those who do not vaccinate.

  3. He should have a refuah shelamah but as others have noted repeatedly in this thread and others, the measles vaccine has a very high level of efficacy and its literally putting yourself and others at sakanas nefesh to not be vaccinated, especially when you’ve been warned about travel in measles prone areas. We do not know if R Koenig might have been vaccinated so avoid making any conclusionary statements but its a timely reminder for others.

  4. Tehillim alert
    חיים שלומ בנ חיה
    Raboisay I beg you Mikol halevi please say תהילים for חיים שלומ בנ חיה Chaim Shalom ben Chaya. He is the Rabbi that is sick. He is Rav Elazar Kenig’s son rov of Breslov of tzfas. I know him personally and he is a tzaddik and is essential to the mosdos in tzfas.
    His father is a huge tzaddik and already suffered a great deal in his life.

  5. Dr Yidd, You forgot to add that those that do not vaccinate endanger those that cannot vaccinate and those that may have been vaccinated but are immunosuppressed do to age, medicines, etc

  6. Whoever says either I’m not wishing a refuah sheleima or refuah sheleime but yadda yadda narishkeit, is in urgent need of having their head examined.
    Emulate Hashem. Does He have rachmanus on people even if they make bad decisions? And who said this Rav did not get a vaccine?
    Part of why People get sick is so we can daven for rachmanus, and you are missing the boat. In addition, you need to have tremendous gaava to say such a thing. Hashem works with middah kineged middah. Al tiftach peh lisatan.

  7. Shlobean, a guess even unvaccinated “tzaddikim” who learn a lot and a lot of Torah can get sick too, even when refusing modern medical care when dangerously ill. A refuah shleimah he definitely needs, you are correct! With our steadfast commitment to Hashem, and our appreciation and utilization for His modern medical gifts (vaccinations, medications, and immunizations), may klal yisroel know of no more sickness!

  8. Ouch! Just one more time that we don’t take a problem seriously until we see it happen close to home. I wish the rebbe a refuah shleimah, of course, and I hope that we will all learn from this to protect our children and our community.

  9. avreichamshlomo- YWN article says “Officials report he has a severe viral pneumonia which has resulted from the measles.”.
    This ill individual certainly needs a refuah shleimah. He needs one for 1. A complete physical recovery. 2. Better Seychel (intellect), and that he shouldn’t be meshuga about medical help as well as medications/vaccinations 3. That he not get others sick because of his refusal of proper medical help.
    Just look at this week’s parshah Noach. Hashem mercifully provides opportunities and advantages for teshuva and good-doing. In the Dor of Noach, that case was decades of years for Teshuva. If this individual doesn’t learn from this illness, then R’L the “flood” will arrive one day for him. He should be healthy to 120+

  10. The Rov should have a Refuah Shelaima.
    Pneumonia can be a serious illness whether it is caused by Measles virus or any other pathogen be it a bacteria or a virus. Most of the fake statistics about flu deaths are actually deaths due to pneumonia and not due to flu and most of them are in elderly populations who are at increased risk of pneumonia irrespective of the “flu” and who are at higher risk of contracting pneumonia as a result of linked epitope suppression or other immune supression, caused by the flu shot.
    We do not know whether or not the Rov was vaccinated and experienced a primary or secondary vaccine failure. We do not know if the Rov contracted a natural strain of measles or a mutated vaccine strain from someone who was recently vaccinated and was shedding virus.
    The reason people refuse vaccines is because the vaccines are unsafe and can cause grievous injury and death. The fact that they may prevent morbidity and mortality from one disease such as measles does not justify taking on the risk of many other equally debilitating and deadly life shortening conditions caused by the vaccines. Vaccine refusers wish to preserve their health rather than rely on the corrupt VICP – vaccine injury compensation program after the fact of a vaccine injury or death.
    The government refuses to do a comprehensive large study comparing all health outcomes between a fully UN- vaccinated population and a vaccinated population. This is because they know it will demonstrate significant injury and death from the current public health vaccination paradigm.

  11. To TGI Shabbos:

    Asking the tzibur to daven for a critically ill Rav who is “meshuga” should have “better seychel” with respect to medical care is a bit over the top, by any standard.

  12. Who said he refused medical help? To quote rav shteinman, and this is directed at every “genius” here, gaavah gaavah gaavah. Just because Hashem blessed you with fingers and you know how to type a few coherent words together does not mean you are an authority on anything.

    This is is a beautiful example of how you cant fix stupid-the rav was hospitalized, yet you gedolim are saying he refuses medical attention.


  13. I want to respond to the antivaxxer
    I have been a doctor for almost 20 years. In that time, I have seen adults and children die or become permanently damaged numerous times from vaccine preventable diseases such as the flu, pneumonia, meningitis, whooping cough, and even a case of polio.
    Neither I or any of my colleagues have ever had a single person die or become seriously ill after a vaccine. Not once. And I have vaccinated thousands of people.
    Yet the anti vaxx crowd is the reason we still have to worry about diseases that should have already been eradicated years ago.
    Because of these morons, babies who are too young to immunize catch horrible diseases.
    And by the way, the government has a very robust vaccine safety database, so I’m not sure what nonsense you are even spewing.
    And no, vaccines don’t cause autism. That was a lie made up by a debunked “doctor” in England who was bought off by antivaxxers
    Autism likely starts in the womb or from a very young age, not at 12-15 months when the MMR is administered.
    I encourage you all to immunize yourselves and your children so that you don’t have to Chas v’ Shalom see the horrible things that I have seen.