Degel Hatorah Yerushalayim Hosting A Festive Campaign Event


Degel Hatorah in Yerushalayim, whose election symbol is “Daled Taf” (דת), announced on Wednesday, 1 Marcheshvan, it will be hosting a festive event marking the opening of its election headquarters in the capital in the presence of rabbonim and Members of Knesset. The office is located at 15 Kanfei Nesharim Street in Givat Shaul. Party Chairman MK Moshe Gafne and MKs Uri Maklev and Yaakov Asher are expected to participate in the event to give the party’s Jerusalem campaign a boost. Other party officials from the local and national levels will be taking part in the event as well.

The campaign has long been underway, and the event is more an opportunity for party leaders to gather to support one another, as the nation will go to municipal elections on October 30, 2018 (21 Marcheshvan 5779).

Degel officials exclaim that they are hopeful the outcome of the elections in the capital will spell ‘game over’ for the secularists, who have been in power for the last two terms, hoping to restore the city’s status quo pertaining to matters of “kedushas Yerushalayim” to what they were prior to Nir Barkat taking office in his first term, as he now prepares to step down following his second term.

The “Effective Outcome” advertising company was hired by Degel to run the campaign. The pashkavilim and posters are already visible around the city, including mixed areas and not just communities with exclusively chareidi residents.

Party officials explain they hope that will succeed and bring an end to the discrimination they felt during the Barkat tenure in the areas of education and more. He cited that every chareidi avreich as well as every chareidi resident is aware of the situation in the past years, how the tzibur did not receive a fare shake of the budget. He also spoke of the neglect of roads, sidewalks and overcrowded schools in the chareidi sector.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)