WATCH: PM Netanyahu & Amb. Friedman Tour a US Navy Destroyer Docked in Ashdod


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today, made the following remarks aboard the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Ross anchored in Ashdod port:

“We are here for the first visit by an American destroyer to Ashdod in 19 years. This visit is very significant. It symbolizes the deep alliance between Israel and the United States.

This destroyer operates against the terror in Syria, and the alliance between Israel and the United States is very tight in so many fields but it is especially tight in the security field.

We are determined to act in order to defend ourselves against the establishment of an Iranian military presence in Syria and against the activity of its proxies there.

President Trump has given full support to our policy and that this destroyer is visiting here today is an expression of that American support.

I think that this message has been received throughout the Middle East and I think that it has even been received beyond the Middle East.

I would like to add: Today another terror tunnel was exposed. We are systematically dismantling the tunneling capability of Hamas. They must understand that it would not be worth their while to try us.

Regarding Judea and Samaria, we are determined to act against terror everywhere, to find the murderers, to find the terrorists. We operate throughout the region – Syria, Gaza and many other places about which I will not go into detail, with all necessary determination in order to maintain the security of Israel.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman toured the destroyer along with its captain.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Ambassador Friedman, along with other senior officials, then attended a ceremony – on the deck of the ship — to mark 243 years of the US Navy.