ELECTION VIOLENCE: Elad Deputy Mayor Tzuriel Krisfel Violently Assaulted – 8 Suspects Arrested [VIDEO]


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Elad Deputy Mayor (Shas) Tzuriel Krisfel was attacked on Monday night by a group of youths, who also damaged his vehicle. The attack took place on Yonatan Ben-Uziel Street in the city. Eight suspects were taken into custody.

According to the preliminary investigation, Krisfel was attacked by a number of youths, who kicked his vehicle, smashed a mirror, and when he got out, began kicking him too. The attack occurred when Krisfel came to visit his daughter and grandchild. He reports that about 15 people took part in the violence directed against him.

He ran to his trunk to get something to defend himself and with this, he distanced his attackers before anyone was seriously injured B”H.

Police report the attack is being probed, adding three of the eight suspects taken into custody are minors.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Whoever wins election should
    put up more soccer and basketball courts hopefully next time less need for these Outlets?

    Or is that too much an import of Yavan and
    Western decadent culture?

  2. Soccer? Basketball? How about the IDF? Since they’re not in the beit midrash anyway, they’ll have plenty of time to learn an actual skill.

  3. Love all says:

    October 19, 2018 4:43 pm at 4:43 pm
    Hate crime should be punishable by the electric chair in public. No matter your opinion on others violence is never the answer!!!!!!!!!!!.
    How much should bail be set for these charedi hoodlums?

  4. Now I finally understand why there are so many problems , so many serious issues in our community, so many kids that are autistic, so many poor families the list goes on and on, so many Meshulachim have to travel to make a few dollars.
    Of course there are many reasons why a tragedy might happen, why did someone get a certain disease or why does someone have to travel to USA for a serious operation. I do not have the answers to these complicated questions.
    1 thing I know for sure, that if we fight with each other, we are definitely going to pay a heavy price.
    The Mishna in Avos says that if ‘A’ kills ‘B’, no need to worry, eventually ‘C’ will come and kill ‘A’.