U.S. Justice Department Denies Pollard The Right to Immigrate to Israel


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It has been three years since convicted spy Jonathan Pollard was released from U.S. prison. Following an official request by Israel to allow Pollard to immigrate to Israel, the Justice Department of the United States government officially refused the request.

According to hadashot 2 in Israel, the Justice Department unequivocally rejected the request, several weeks ago, saying the reason was the severity of the crimes Pollard committed in the 1980s.

Pollard was allegedly recruited by Israeli intelligence to collect information on Israel’s behalf while he was serving in the U.S. Navy. He was asked to pass information on to Israel regarding regional threats.

Pollard’s arrest came in 1985 after he was discovered by US law enforcement officials. He then sought asylum in the Israeli Embassy in Washington but was handed over to the FBI.

After being given a life sentence, Pollard gained parole 30 years later in November 2015 under extremely restrictive conditions.

Israel recently received a response that stated that Pollard’s crimes were too serious to allow him to leave the US.

Israel also submitted a request to consider Pollard’s age and his precarious health. However, this too was rejected.

Netanyahu had also asked Trump to allow Pollard to come to Israel, but Trump’s administration also rejected the request.

In a statement made on Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Office spokesperson said that; “Prime Minister Netanyahu remains committed to bringing Pollard back to Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Whenever a Jewish publication talks about Pollard they always somehow neglect to mention that along with selling information to Israel, he also attempted to sell classified information to Pakistan and gave his then-wife information on China that allowed her to win a government bid.

  2. The other thing that they don’t mention is that Israel had provided an escape route to Pollard and gave him ample notice to leave. Instead, he chose to do what Israel warned him not to do, which was to seek refuge in the Israeli Embassy.

  3. Yserbius,
    Even if true, and I’m not sure it is, isn’t his sentence overly harsh considering what other spies have done and given lighter sentences?
    This is a travesty, he’s a Jew and they want to teach Israel a lesson.
    He’s more than paid his dues..
    I don’t usually cry anti-Semitism, but here I will. I pray for Yonatan ben Malka.

  4. @ZionGate

    First off, it’s true, you can look up his court documents online. Second, no, his sentence isn’t overly harsh. It wasn’t just the espionage that he was sentenced for. He was originally sentenced for a lot less, but he broke his probation in several ways, including going on to CNN and discussing the details of his crimes. He would have served a similar sentence to Aldrich Ames or Richard Hansen, but he refused to cooperate.

  5. …” If you’re hung up on this for any reason, pretend Pollard is a South Korean or Filipino-American or an ally from someplace else, and free him. He’s been in prison a long time now, and the only people who are in prison that long are people like [convicted CIA spy Aldrich] Ames and [convicted FBI spy Robert] Hanssen who got people killed, and Pollard didn’t do that.”
    ….. Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey

    Those who want him to suffer forever, examine your own life, and if you’re not clean, then please shut up.

  6. As noted here previously in relation to Pollard, his treason has left a permanent cloud over Jews with any connections to EY or mosdos in EY when seeking federal government security clearances. They are always suspect because of Pollard’s lies and deceit and betrayal of his sworn oath to his country. There is already a latent anti-semitism in the State Department and intelligence services and Pollard only reinforced that bias. He is lucky he is not spending the rest of his life rotting in federal prison.

  7. All these rumours being repeated by commentators here about things that are really unknown to anyone but a small handful or people. For example. The alleged “attempted to sell classified information to Pakistan” So how come sites from Muslims write things like (dated 2014):

    > Jonathan Pollard, the former US intelligence agent who was convicted of spying for Israel, by compromising Pakistan’s nuclear secrets, could be released before the Jewish holiday of Passover as part of efforts to save Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, an Israeli official involved in the talks reportedly told CNN.

    So which is it – for or against Pakistan?

    The real point is that what the U.S. itself alleges went on with Pollard is “way out” weird even for an incompetent intelligence agency. They allege that because he failed a lie detector test and was “caught” exaggerating (or just plain making things up) like someone on a drug enhanced “trip”, he would not be accepted in other agencies, so the navy took him in and then promoted him in terms of higher and higher security clearances he had no need of for his ow level of work (analyzing satellite photos). And so having decided early on that he cannot be believed in anything he says, they decided after the fact that he must be believed in any stupid story that comes out of his mouth if it helps make him look guilty.

    And even the later stupidity the FBI expects us to sallow one can choke on it. As example the Jpost “report” (dated 2006) in the name of the FBI I just googled where the FBI then-claimed in a new news-release that they had no idea “that Pollard was even Jewish”. Em – some FBI! And the alleged list of *different* things Pollard allegedly did is so huge that there would have to be six of him at the same time.

    And who was running this thing? Weinberger. The guy who was later impeached on multiple highly credible charges but was pre-pardoned by the President so he would not have to testify or anything.

    The hubris of discussing this matter as if you know anything when it is all so blatantly absurd.

  8. I don’t care what the Jew haters in State or DOJ say…. I don’t care what frightened little Jew Uncle Toms say….
    He paid… Paid more than anybody else.. It’s time to let him go.

    Ironically, over the years it was the statements by prominent Jews who were the harshest on him… small Jews, frightened little Jews, diffident Jews.

    USA spies on Israel too.. Everybody spies on everybody else…
    I’m a proud Jew, a proud American and proud lover of Israel…. Accuse me of dual loyalty…?? Suck it up …!! We’ve always been accused if that.. Who cares anymore??
    I want him to go home…To Eretz Yisrael..

  9. .. .. And, signatures were collected a few years ago from politicians from both parties, prominent people in various industries of all types and religions… Hundreds of signatures, you can Google it, to free Jonathan….