Israel Police Crack Down On Drivers Using Cellular Phones While Driving


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Israel Police cracked down on drivers using their cellular phone while driving, issuing over 1,400 summonses this past week as well as summonses for serious driving offenses that lead to accidents and injuries. The use of a cellular telephone by a driver is considered a “serious offense”.

Following is a breakdown of the major police operation:

Police report, “In determined operation, more than 5,400 summonses were issued to drivers who committed serious traffic offenses, with emphasis on the targeting roads that were determined to be more dangerous according to a study by the Research & Development Department of the Traffic Department.

• In the process, more than 1,400 drivers who used a mobile phone while driving without a hands-free device were caught in the act.
• About 1,000 drivers were caught speeding.
• Some 650 summonses were issued to truck drivers, in addition to safety violations, summonses were also issued for overloaded and other truck-related offenses.
• Thirty drivers had their license revoked for 30 days for serious traffic violations.
• 37 vehicles were taken off the road for 30 days and towed to the Israel Police storage yard.
• Using tactical and still cameras, more than 280 drivers who committed traffic offenses were recorded and summonses issued accordingly.
• Enforcement against the drivers of two-wheeled vehicles: More than 100 summonses were issued for riders who committed driving offenses.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesman Unit)


  1. There is an Israel tech firm making a small device that blocks cell-phone receptions/transmission in a very small area such as the interior of a vehicle. Some parents are installing it in their kids’ cars to limit their ability to text while driving (apparently they don’t even consider using voice calls since they are mega “uncool”). However it is not being widely marketed in the U.S. since the FCC restricts the sale of any devices that can block lawful cellular transmissions (and theoretically such a device might be used in restaurant to disable the cell phone of that extremely loud/irritating woman at the table next to you or at the Movies etc.). Too bad since properly used, it could save lives.