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New Details Surrounding Undercover Commando Mission In Gaza Revealed By Hezbollah

New details are being released surrounding the IDF special ops mission in Gaza that turned fatal after their cover was blown.

The special force operating in Gaza entered several times over the past year in order to assemble spy devices, a Hamas security source said in a conversation with the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akbar network. During the operation of the special force in Gaza, Lt. Col. M. was killed, leading to over 500 rockets being launched into Southern Israel from Gaza.

According to Al-Akbar, the Special Forces entered Gaza through the Erez Crossing with forged documents showing the names and identity numbers of residents of Gaza along with pictures of the force’s personnel. The fighters entered Gaza at different times and not at once to avoid arousing suspicion. A collaborator living in Gaza provided the force members with two cars in Gaza with which they used to move about.

The security source claimed that the Hamas investigation into the incident revealed that the espionage equipment was transferred through the Kerem Shalom Crossing by the collaborator with Israel. The equipment was transferred to an area in which there is a secret communications center – underground – used by the military branches in Central Gaza.

The same security source also claims that the special force that infiltrated Gaza installed spy equipment near the border, east of Gaza City, as workers of one of the Palestinian communications companies. According to Hamas, he dismantled all means of espionage. According to the security source, although the IAF bombed one of the vehicles used by the force after it was exposed and rescued, Hamas managed to get its hands on some of the equipment in the vehicle.

The source further claimed that Hamas had received information about local collaborators who had assisted the Israeli force, as well as funds intended for the force and its collaborators. He claims that so far, they have managed to expose more than 80 percent of the operation by the Israeli force.

Meanwhile, the website of the Hamas military wing was blocked for surfing in Israel, apparently following the censor’s order not to publish details about the secret operation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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