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Duchifat Receives Coveted: Chief of Staff Prize

The veteran Duchifat Battalion, the first in the Kfir Brigade, on Tuesday was selected to receive the coveted Chief of Staff Prize for its outstanding work. Battalion commander Lt.-Colonel Yossi Pinto stated successful missions and the constant concern for the well-being of soldiers is the key to success.

Duchifat is responsible for the Ramallah district, and was the first battalion in the relatively new Kfir Brigade, which introduced the now-familiar camouflage beret.

The unit has a difficult mission, and commanders state soldiers continue to perform with excellence, maintaining relative quiet in the Ramallah district despite recent difficulties related to the fighting in Gaza.

Today, 18 members of Duchifat are in various stages of officers training.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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