Chareidi Family Pulled From A Fire In Tzefas


A fire broke out in a home on HaShiva Street in Tzefas involving a residential structure. Firefighters recued nine persons from the fire, most injured lightly. One chareidi man, the father of the family rescued, was listed in moderate condition.

Neighbors told reporters, “It was truly a miracle that they were rescued. In another few moments, the fire would have spread. Hashem Yerachem, it would have been too late, and it would have been a great tragedy”.

Fire service officials report the fire broke out in a six-story building, on the second floor, resulting in heavy damage. A total of nine persons were rescued, including three children and a baby. All of the injured are suffering from smoke inhalation.

The victims were transported to Ziff Hospital in the city. Fire investigators later reported the blaze was started by a spiral electric heater.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)