Hamas Arrests Residents For Collaborating With Israel


Hamas on Tuesday night announced the arrests of “five collaborators” who the terrorist regime accuses of assisting Israel. According to Hamas, they assisted IDF soldiers who entered Gaza and were discovered.

The collaborators are accused of assisting the ISA (Israel Security Agency/Shin Bet) agents who asked them to buy cars and expressed interested in buying land in Khan Yunis.

They also claimed that they were asked to gather information about the deployment of Hamas forces in the area, from checkpoints and bases to cameras operating in the area, stationed on public buildings and private homes.

Hamas reports that since the elite undercover IDF unit was detected in Gaza, 45 residents have been arrested and accused of collaborating.

This pertains to the special ops unit that was operating in Gaza in November 2018, and detected by terrorists in the area. Lt.-Colonel ‘M’ was killed and another officer from the unit seriously wounded. They were air lifted out by an IDF chopper under the cover of aerial bombardment of the area. The identities of the dead and wounded are not released due to the nature of the classified unit.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)