1000 Delegates To Attend 90th World Bnei Akiva Conference In Yerushalayim


Approximately one thousand delegates from World Bnei Akiva (WBA) are expected to attend the movement’s international conference this year, which will open at 20:30 on Wednesday evening at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center. This year’s conference will mark the 90th anniversary of the WBA movement.

The opening event on Wednesday evening will not only include the participation of WBA delegates from dozens of communities around the world in countries like the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Australia and New Zealand. Distinguished individuals such as Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Chairman of the World Zionist Organization Avraham Duvdevani and World Bnei Akiva General Director, Roi Abecassis will also be present to address the conference. Also, the Israeli singer, Ishay Ribo will be performing.

The conference will run over a time-span of four days. WBA delegates will participate in discussions and meetings that will cover critical issues regarding Israel-Diaspora relations and in which practical and ideological decisions will be made. Delegates will also meet and hold active discussions with figures from various streams in Israeli society and who embody contemporary Zionism.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)