Thousands To Join Gerrer Rebbe In Boro Park For Shabbos


The Gerrer Rebbe Shlita, who is currently in the United States, accompanying his rebbetzin who is receiving medical care in a Manhattan hospital, will be spending Shabbos in Boro Park. This is the first time in years the Rebbe will be with his chassidim in Boro Park.

Since his arrival, the Rebbe stayed in Manhattan until Wednesday night, when he attended a Bar Mitzvah in Boro Park for about 45 minutes. The Rebbe then attended a Sheva Brachos in Williamsburg as well as a Chasunah of one of his Chassidim. He was at each event for just a few minutes, but hundreds of Gerrer Chassidim were at both locations.

On Thursday morning the decision was made that on Shabbos, the Rebbe would stay in the Boro Park neighborhood, with tefilos to be held in the Palace Hall attended by thousands of Gerrer Chassidim.

The rebbe will not conduct a Tish on Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)