SHOCKING BRUTALITY: Hundreds Attend Levaya of Ori Ansbacher A”H, Victim of Horrific Murder in Jerusalem [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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Hundreds attended the Levaya in the Settlement of Tekoa for 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher A”H, who was identified as the victim in Thursday’s murder in Jerusalem.

As YWN reported, a search was ongoing for a few hours on Thursday after Ori was reported missing. Her lifeless body was found in a forest at Ein Yael, which is located between the Jerusalem Zoo and the Arab village of Walaja.

A gag-order was immediately placed on the investigation, signaling that the motive for the murder was nationalistic / terror. Despite the gag order, many are stating that this may be one of the most horrific murders Israel has ever seen.

[UPDATE – Palestinian Arrested In Brutal Murder Of 19-Year-Old Ori Ansbacher HY”D]

Prime Minister Netanyahu released a statement which called the murder “shocking brutality”:

“The late Ori Ansbacher was murdered in Jerusalem last night with shocking brutality. At this difficult hour we all embrace the Ansbacher family and the Tekoa community. The security forces are investigating the murder. We will find those responsible and deal with them to the fullest extent of the law.”

All Police have said so far was that her body was found “with signs of violence”.

Her parents, Rabbi Gai and Naama Ansbacher, described their daughter as “a holy soul who sought deep meaning and had a sensitivity for each person and living thing. She had an endless desire to repair the world in goodness.”

On Thursday night, four Palestinians were taken into custody, but later released.

The Shin Bet is investigating the murder along with the Israel Police.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. True. Yet there remains sugyos shleimos about klal Yisroel punishing murderers through shoftim and shotrim. We must do what we can to ensure the best security possible. But at the end of the day, we must have emuna and bitachon that Kel nekamos Hashem will judge and settle scores.

  2. I would als like to post pictures of the vandalism at Whitefield beis hachayim Maczikei Hadass where the kever of our saintly Rosh Hayeshivah was desecrated and the matzeivoh smashed.
    How do i post pictures?

  3. It must be investigated if the palestinian authority as expected will reward his family and the 2 new moslem congresswomen and cortez need be publicly asked for their response

  4. I read that the Jerusalem forest is located near the Jerusalem zoo. This animal that slaughtered Ori, HY”D, should be thrown to the lions cage as a punishment. He should be punished as the animal that he is. Let the lions deal with him.

  5. Yes,that murderous filthy swine who murdered this innocent child must be eliminated,but the real murderers who are responsible for the spilled blood of this poor girl is non other than the cowardly TRAITOROUS self hating gangster government,the blood of this innocent holy girl is dripping from their bloody hands, and let me explain. The sad fact is that Israel is the only country in the world that over 20% of it’s population are deadly vicious poisonous snakes and murderous enemies of the state they live in,is there a Arab Muslim who does not pray five times a day for the destruction and annihilation of Israel and it’s jewish population, all the leftists can scream all you want and deny it and tell yourself that most Muslim Arabs are loyal citizens,but in your heart you know that it’s not true , (even those Arab swines sitting in the Knesset) therefore as long as we have these millions of poisonous snakes roaming the streets of Eretz Yisroel Jewish blood will be flowing on the streets,and that is why unfortunately our God given holy land for the last 40 years has become the most dangerous place for Jews to live in,thousands of men women and children have been butchered or blown to pieces on the streets on their buses in their homes and yes even in their synagogues.
    There is only one solution to this untenable situation and we all know what it is,even if we don’t dare to mention it “THEY ALL MUST GO ” anything else is NATIONAL SUICIDE,
    if someone would bring into his home poisonous and deadly snakes and let them roam freely,and one morning wake up and find his family dead,who would you blame? would you blame the snake or the criminaly insane guy who brought them in? of course we know the answer,
    This filthy traitorous regime running Israel is that criminal that lets millions of deadly snakes roam the streets of Israel,and for that murderous crime they all should (yes the whole cabinet) be hanging from the gallows for crimes against the jewish nation