CONFIRMED TERROR: Palestinian Terrorist Reenacts Murder; Netanyahu Is Menachem Avel Ansbacher Family


Israel’s Shin Bet Security agency said on Sunday evening that after interrogating the suspect, Arafat Erfaiyeh, who confessed to murdering Ori Ansbacher HY”D, that the motivation behind the attack was nationalistic and therefore the incident was a terror attack.

Ansbacher was found brutally murdered on Thursday afternoon in the forest around Ein Yael in Jerusalem.

“During the course of his interrogation, Erfaiyeh reenacted the murder for the Shin Bet and police interrogators, and clearly tied himself to the incident,” a statement by the Shin Bet said.

When discovering the body, Israeli police found signs of violence on Ansbacher’s body. They thus began to believe that she had been assaulted and then stabbed to death.

The 29-year-old Palestinian Arab suspect, Arafat Erfaiyeh was arrested in Ramallah on Shabbos in a military and police operation that was met with a lot of resistance and violence by the local population.

During the interrogation, Erfaiyeh not only confessed to the murder, but he walked through it in the location it happened and reenacted it for police.

The Shin Bet outlined a few of the details that had been cleared for publication stating that Afariah came from Hebron to Beit Jala and walked to the forest. When he spotted Ansbacher he attacked and murdered her.

Ansbacher had apparently been seeking some time alone to herself after she got into an argument in a youth center where she worked.

Meanwhile on Sunday, PM Netanyahu and his wife Sara were Menachem Avel the Ansbacher family in their home in Tekoa.

The Prime Minister informed the family of the results of the ISA investigation which determined that the murder was carried out for a nationalist motive.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife heard from Ori’s parents about her personality and said that the entire public embraces them in their terrible grief.

The home of the terrorist responsible for the murder was mapped out by IDF soldiers on Sunday, as they prepare to have it demolished.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. As insensitive to Chareidim as he is, is there any head if state that lowers himself, as it were, to visit a Bet Aveil of a commonaire? It speaks volumes!

  2. The blood of this poor girl is on the hands of Bibi, the whole Israeli government and the “Supreme” court for not imposing death penalty for terrorists.

  3. Refoel Moishe its a sham that they blow up his family’s house. They should be tearing down the entire block the house is on, including every mosque he ever visited.

  4. Maybe now the shin bet should ‘reinact’ it a again on that filthy scumbag pathetic excuse of a human being. (Honestly it’s an insult to 7 billion people in the world to call that piece of dirt a human being)

  5. @refael moishi so the parents would discorage their kids to commit them (very good you killed a yahud but you destoryed our house) @moisheingalus I believe there are gedolim (i forgot which ones ) that are against the death penalty for when a jew kills a arab (which has happend) then they’d be elgible for the death penalty as well

  6. Thank you votekosher and whitecar for your replies.
    whitecar, if that was under British law, they would then be registered as homeless then live off state benefits including a comfortable house, if they aren’t already!