MORE DELIBERATE CHILLUL SHABBOS: Tiveria Mayor Kobi To Give FREE “Sea Plane” Rides On Shabbos


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What appears to be an innocent and event welcome initiative, is nothing more than yet another component of Tiveria Mayor Kobi Ron’s intensive and tenacious anti-Shabbos efforts.

Israel has received its first-ever sea plane after 77 years, which is likely to bring additional visitors to the Kinneret in the future. The plane of course landed in the Kineret.

The plane, called Nemo, is the only one of its type in Israel, arriving from Africa, then Eilat and then north to the Kinneret. The plane was flown 5000 kilometers from Tanzania to Eilat, taking 12 hours, refueling enroute.

The plane can seat five passengers and it is hoped that additional planes will join the fleet, planes holding eight passengers.

Mayor Ron promises area residents free flights on the plane on Shabbos in the hope of creating yet additional chilul Shabbos in the city.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Maybe reporting these events is more harmful than helpful? Does YWN think that awareness of the chillul will motivate effective protests? or it’s just stam important to know? Isn’t there terrible chillul shabbos also in Tel Aviv, Eilat, Haifa, and even in Yerushalayim? Is it worse in Tiveria because the mayor is also publicly involved?

  2. Good thing there are religious Zionists in Israel who will vote for a government that is against this type of thing. Unfortunately those who kvetch the loudest are the least likely to actually do anything productive to correct the situation.

  3. This is what happens when we have a democratic country, reshoim like him rise to power and do all the evil they can. This piece of garbage is a rasha gamour, חוטא ומחטיא את הרבים. he has no clue what is waiting for him. We have to be patient, Hashem will serve real justice to the honor of Shabbos. Like it says in Tehilim (chapter 37) אל תתחר במרעים אל תקנה בעושי עולה, עי כחציר מהרה ימלו וכירק דשא יבולון. Do not be vexed by evil men, do not be incensed by wrongdoers. for they soon wither like grass, like verdure fade away…. I will share something interesting that I came up with about this evil man, his name really fits him. his hebrew name is רון קובי in gematria it’s equivalent to והוא יהיה פרא אדם that’s exactly who he is. Also his name is equivalent to יחלה בסרטן. hopefully this rasha’s end is near B”H.

  4. Excuse me Mr or Mrs M, therefore we should sit idle & do nothing? What’s this place coming to?
    & to you Mr or Mrs Pilpel Charif, until I read your last phrase I agreed with you, as soon as I hit your last words I was shocked to the core, are you a Yid? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Is this a Yiddish way of talking/writing? I’d like to know what your name is so I can work out a גמטריא, shame on you, take of your Kippah if you wear one,

  5. Excuse me Mr Chymee, what’s wrong with what I said at the end that shocked you to the core? the fact that I wrote he’s going to get sick with cancer shocked you? the Torah says “!!!מחלליה מות יומת” whoever desecrates the Shabbos gets the death penalty. When was the last time you read that pasuk? we just read it a few weeks ago! Oh wait! why weren’t you shocked when you read that posuk, if you paid attention? how can the Torah talk like that? is this the yiddish way of talking? If the Torah says he deserves to die then there is nothing shocking with what I wrote. he is a rasha who deserves the death penalty, we don’t have a bais din to kill him, yet he is still chayav misa bedai shamayim.