Motzei Shabbos News Round-up From Israel


Some 8,000 Gazans participated in this week’s violent protests along the Gaza border fence with Israel on Friday. Among the other violent act undertaken during the protest there were rows of tires that were burnt, improvised explosive devices, as well as molotov cocktails, and hand grenades were thrown at Israeli secuity forces. The IDF used non-lethal crowd dispersing ammunition to break up the crowd and followed the protocol fr opening fire against crowds and violent protesters. The Gazan health ministry reproted that one terrorist was killed during the riot and 20 others were injured.

A fire broke out inside a town in the Eshkol region. It is supected that the fire was caused by a balloon bomb form Gaza. The fire was put out quickly by firefighters in the area.

An 18-year-old teenager was moderately injured on Friday after his vehicle collided with a  pillar in the town of Nesher. Emergency medical teams treated the injured man before transporting him to the Rambam Medical Center.

Four people were arrested after they were identified as suspects in attacking a doctor and secuirty forces inside Rambam Medical Center on Shabbos. Another female suspect is being investigating in the incident after she attempted to interfere with police officers carrying out their duty, according to a statement made by the police.

Three residents of the town of Mecher were arrested after they allegedly attacked medical staff in the Galil medical center in Nahariya also on Saturday. Police said that they have zero tolerance for people who attack public servants or medical teams.

A fire broke out on Hamerkavah street in Holon killing five horses as families on the street fled for their lives. The fire broke out at the riding farm on the street and reulted in the deaths of the animals.

150,000 tourists visited Israel’s national parks and nature reserves over the weekend. The most popular parks according the Nature Ministry were, Habisor, Banias, Ceasaria, Matzada, Nahal Ayoun, Qumran and the Yarkon.

In other animal related news, 150 White Storks landed in th Hula valley nature reserve as part of a mass migration. The birds, who migrate for long distances came to rest in Israel in the middle of their trip in order to refresh themselves before continuing on.

United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom rescue services treated the driver of an ATV who was seriously injured after his vehicle flipped over in Sderot. A helicopter was used to transport the patient to Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.

United Hatzalah volunteer first responders performed CPR on a 1-year-old infant who lost consciousness in its home in Jerusalem on Motzei Shabbos. The young girl had been ill over the past few days.

Volunteer Menachem Fromowitz who participated in the attempted rescue said: ” When I arrived at the scene the infant had no pulse and was not breathing. Together with other volunteers from the organization, we performed CPR in an attempt to resuscitate her. The infant was transported by an intensive care ambulance to the hospital while still undergoing CPR  efforts. Due to the nature of the incident, the organization’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit was called in to assist the family of the infant.”

A 25-year-old Israeli was seriously injured in Thailand in an accident that occured between jet skis. He was transported to a local hospital there, while the offending jet ski fled from the scene of the accident. The Israeli consulate is in close contact with the man’s family.

Nine people were taken to Soroka hospital after they were exposed to a chlorine leak at the Leonardo Club hotel at the Dead Sea. Firefighters who were called to the scene initiated “dangerous substance” protocol ad cleansed the area from dangerous toxins.

A 24-year-old motorcycle rider was seriously injured in an accident that took place between Lod and Or Yehuda on Motzei Shabbos. Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah personnel treated the person at the scene before transporting him to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.

Five people were lightly injured and one person was moderately injured in a chain car accident that took place on Highway 44 near Holon. United Hatzalah volunteers and ambulance teams treated the injured before transporting them to the hospital.

Also on Motzei Shabbos, one person was killed and another was seriously injured and an additional 4 people were lightly injured and one was moderately injured in a car accident that took place on Highway 55 near the Palestinian town of Azzun. Volunteers from United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom as well as the IDF medical corps. treated those injured at the scene before transporting them to the hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Israelis liked to believe, and tell the world, that they were running an “enlightened” or “benign” occupation, qualitatively different from other military occupations the world had seen. The truth was radically different. Like all occupations, Israel’s was founded on brute force, repression and fear, collaboration and treachery, beatings and torture chambers, and daily intimidation, humiliation, and manipulation.” (Israeli historian Benny Morris, Righteous Victims, p. 341)