Chareidi-Hating Tiveria Mayor Kobi Announces “We Must Get Rid Of The Chareidim”


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Chareidi women outside the Tiveria induction office were visited by Tiveria Ron Kobi on Sunday, who launched a live Facebook event regarding their actions at that venue.

As their colleagues do in Jerusalem, women from Tzefas who identify with the Eida Chareidis, during recent weeks have been traveling to Tiveria to distribute literature to religious women in front of the city’s IDF induction center.

On Sunday morning, February 24, 2019, Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi, who maintains a vehement anti-chareidi policy, used Facebook live to send his message, explaining how he is working to get rid of those chareidi women, using inciteful terms against chareidim and rabbonim in his post.

“It is a disgrace, in Tiveria 2019, chareidi coercion. I understand they are harassing women. We will get rid of you from here” wrote Kobi.

A woman responded, “It’s legal, we have a lawyer and here are documents that show [our actions are] legal,” said one of the women.

Ron Kobi: “It’s over, let Litzman and all your rabbis know that it’s over.”

One of the women responded: “But it’s legal, you cannot get rid of us, we just explain to the girls their rights in the recruitment office.”

At this point, a female clerk serving in the induction center came out and said, “The mayor is correct”. Ron Kobi responded. “I ask you to keep us updated when they come here to harass and threaten. The harassed girls will file a complaint with the police.”

Police arrived at the scene to speak to the women, and they gave him the cell phone number of the attorney to speak with him about the legality of their actions.

The mayor asked the women “get out of here as we will not have chareidi coercion. The determined women however did not budge, defying the angered mayor as they continued with their mission at the location.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Since the Haredim refuse to move to Israel and participate in the National resurrection of our Holy Nation, they will get Toms River instead of Tiberius.

  2. He hates the Torah so he hates anyone upholding the Torah whether they are Chareidi or Mizrachi or anything else. He is the example of the modern Eirev Rav, proudly joins a long list of Reshaim who rise to power to publicly declare a war against HaShem and His Torah.
    Unless he doea TeShuva and works to undo the damage, he will join the Shulamit Alonis and Yossi Lapids who have come and gone but lost the war against the Torah. All they have now is a BIG bill to pay for their dispicable actions and vile words.

  3. “He is the example of the modern Eirev Rav…”
    Not exactly. The Eirev Rav wanted to join Klal Yisroel, yet they were misguided.
    This miserable fellow would prefer not to be Jewish at all.

  4. Only one way to return peace. We need to get rid of this man called Kobi. Let this be our goal!
    How did he reach this position? Ask the Super-Left, the ennemies of Eretz Israel.

  5. Jeff Stuart: Tanch is full of Pesukim instructing us to wait for the miraculous resurrection of our Holy Nation through Mosich and not do any Hisdadlus on our part. Only Torah and Mitzvos.

  6. goilem123: No, the Tanach is not full of the pesukim you refer to, as a matter of fact there are none. But it IS full of pesukim instructing us to live in the Land of Israel. There has been a miraculous resurrection of our Holy Nation. HaShem is holding the door open for you as asking you to come home. You have an obligation to live in the world and do hishtadlut and one form of hishtadlut is voting. Stop being a dreamer and return to Eretz Ha Kodesh.

  7. NAFTALICOLEMAN, a bit of Respect for Yeravam ben Nevat please.
    He was after all a Gadol beTorah.
    Mayor whatshisname probably never opened a Chumash…

  8. This is beyond disturbing.
    Does this mayor have even a little understanding how important Tiberias is in our Jewish history??
    It pains me to see a Jew lash out at his fellow Jews in such a special city as Tiberias,and it is not good at all.
    May Hashem give this mayor the wisdom that he is lacking not to continue down a path , that will not bring any good.