AMAZING STORY: Rav Chaim Kanievsky Instructs Avreich Looking to Buy an Apartment to Purchase a Sefer Torah


The following story, released by BeChadrei Chareidim, has gained notoriety and is the subject of discussion in Kollelim throughout Bnei Brak.

An avreich entered the Hod V’Hadar Institute in Bnei Brak a few weeks ago, an institute that teaches STaM, explaining he wishes to buy a ‘mehudar’ Sefer Torah. The head of the institute was taken by surprise by the avreich’s request, explaining that such a Sefer Torah can cost as much as NIS 200,000.

It was explained to the avreich that such a purchase is not made spontaneously, but after careful thought and consideration. The avreich then explained that he came to the institute directly from the home of HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, where he asked the rav what to do, explaining he wishes to buy an apartment in Bnei Brak immediately, but he only has NIS 500,000.

When Rav Kanievsky heard this, he instructed the avreich to “buy a Sefer Torah”. The avreich once again told Rav Chaim, “I am interested in buying an apartment”, and the rav responded for a second time, “buy a Sefer Torah”.

The avreich explained that it is a mitzvah to listen to the instructions of chachamim, and therefore, he wishes to purchase a Sefer Torah. They set a date for the end of that same week, at which time the arrangements would be made regarding the payment and other matters that require discussion before ordering the Sefer Torah.

The avreich in the story is close to the rosh yeshivah of Ateres Shlomo, HaGaon Rav Chaim Feinstein, and he explained the situation to the rosh yeshiva. He was told to probe the Gemara, Perek Hadar, and see exactly what the Gemara tells us. Meseches Eruvin, daf 64, where it is written   מה יעשה אדם וממונו יתקיים בידו, ייקח בהן ספר תורה

Two days from the time to make his first payment on the Sefer Torah, the avreich received a phone call from his father, who said, “listen my dear son, I have two things to tell you. The first is not good news and the second is good news”.

“The not good news is that your uncle from the United States died. The second is better news; that in his will, he left you NIS 1.5 million טבין ותקלין.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Nice story, but do you know the definition of NOTORIETY? Well here it is:

    “The state of being famous or well known for some bad quality or deed”

  2. ujm, if you are correct and “This is why we have Gedolei Yisroel.” I regret being a Jew. Gedolai Yisroel are not magicians or prophets; they do not make pronouncements but issue reasoned opinions

  3. The end of the story is simple and not at all amazing or miraculous. The fellow had a rich uncle. The uncle died and had left him a considerable sum in his will. The fellow used the money to buy an apartment. Hardly a Man Bites Dog story.

  4. here’s a story i’d like to hear: avreich went to Rav Chaim and complained he’s burnt out and wants to hear words of inspiration that will keep me motivated. and the Rav answers “……

  5. Dr Yidd:
    25 years ago my brother’s chavrusah went to Rav Ysroel Yaakov Fisher ztz”l for a brochoh. His wife had a miscarriage and she needed her womb ‘scraped’ as doctors said placenta was still inside her and she would die if she didn’t have the procedure. He met Rav Fisher on the steps of the Zichron Moshe shull and asked for a brochoh for the success of the procedure. Rav Fisher told him “Your wife was having twins. The first baby died. If you do the procedure you will kill the second child who is in the womb”……He then turned and went to minchah.
    Faced with this choice his wife said “I will listen to Rav Fisher and not to the doctors”. A few months later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and Rav Fisher was sandek.
    That is also why we have Gedolei Yisroel!!!- No need to regret being a Jew….

  6. To my dear friends that are posting comments:
    I honestly believe that this Psak was meant only for this specific individual. I bet you that if you ask your Rav, he will say the same thing in explaining this story.

  7. So what was the segulah he used to get the initial 500,000 NIS if he was an avreich?

    My wife and I both work full time jobs and we’re straddled with tons of debt and stuck renting. I also want to be able to learn for a living have an extra 500 G hanging around in my bank account.

  8. Unfortunately, yidden we’ll see this story and only take from me that we have magicians in our midst and not realize that emunas chachamim is part of our DNA or that hashgacha pratis goes both ways. My rebbe is fond of saying “it’s hashgacha pratis when the piano falls on you as well.”. This shouldn’t be newsworthy to a maamin.

  9. We know that tzaddikim respond to different people differently even on the same issue. Rav Chaim ,I believe, felt something about this avreich which resulted in this particular response, and may have given a different response to somebody else.
    Why can’t this be possible??

  10. Dr Yidd: You must be seriously confused…..really….
    Please explain why one word of what I wrote is against Chazal- chas vesholom…

    Yesterday, I heard first hand from a man who told me doctors told a woman who was staying by him to have an abortion to save her life. Rav Moshe ztz”l instructed her not to abort. Mother and baby turned out just fine B’H’. ….But you obviously won’t believe that either…..
    The very fact you can write under any context- “…then I regret being a Jew” well that shows you really need help…