PM Netanyahu: A Gaza Operation Before Elections Is A Possibility


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday evening at of Hamas continues provocations from Gaza it may lead to widespread military operation. Speaking to News9 Editor Dimitri Dovov, and political corresponded Ana Reiba-Brasky, the Prime Minister explained that there was quiet from Gaza following Operation Protective Edge. “Not a single shot was fired into my and to my delight, no one was killed, and this is not just so.”

According to him, the current situation in the Gaza vicinity is an “explosion,” in positive terms, “there was a tremendous increase in population and construction.”

The poor situation in Gaza, according to Netanyahu, came from the suffocation of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who does not transfer money to Hamas, which caused the balloons to burn. “It took time, but we took down most of the balloons. We did not react lightheadedly, and now it’s renewed.”

According to the prime minister, he ordered the chief of staff to respond aggressively against the balloon bombs.

Regarding Hamas provocations, Netanyahu stresses that “now we control the incident, but if Hamas thinks they will intensify the provocations and we will not embark on a military operation because of the elections – they should reconsider.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)