Satmar Willing to Unite to Protest Against Israel


satWith the new law to draft bnei yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael moving forward, the chareidi community in the United States is planning a major protest against the State of Israel.

According to a Kikar Shabbat report, both Satmar Rebbes Shlita, Rav Zalman Leib Teitlebaum of Williamsburg and Rav Aaron Teitlebaum of Kiryas Yoel have already confirmed they are willing to appear on a podium at one-another’s side if such a protest is held.

Askanim involved in arranging for the large event are finalizing the list of rabbonim who will participate and address the protest. Regarding a final date, time and place, this is dependent on NYPD and other city agencies.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Gevaldik! If it is combined with Agudas Yisroel’s protest against the Zionist Regime, we could be looking at a quarter million Bnei Torah on the streets of Manhattan Davening to the Ribono Shel Olam to overturn the gezeiros and for regime change.

  2. The large percentage of American jews and Americans in general will be repulsed by the image of orthodox jews protesting against an Israeli government that seeks to have them share the burden of the national defense. I attended a ceremony this AM by the Jewish War Veterans honoring the tens of thousands of American heroes who also happened to be Jewish who gave their lives defending our country during the World Wars, Korea,VN, DS and the more recent Iraq and Afghanistan actions. Many also died liberating the camps after WW II where what were left of the Satmar and other Chareidi groups were saved. American taxpayers send billions of dollars each year to help the defense of EY. Yet this demonstration will protest the fact that they are being asked to share the sacrifice. If you don’t think this disgusting image will be a disaster for yiddin in the U.S. and Israel, just wait.

  3. The shailoh is not whether the anti-zionist groups will unite, but whether the pro-zionists (and heretofore pro-patronage) will unie with them. Frankly, Agudah, Degel ha-Torah and Shas have trouble working togehter – and the real issue is whether they can not only work together, and work with the Eidah hareisis, particular since that work will on dismembering the pro-zionist framework they have labored for over the last 60 years.

  4. Its a classic case “my enemys enemy is my friend”. B”H their hatred of the State is stronger than their mutual hatred of each other otherwise “my enemys enemy is my friend” could have caused one of them to side with the Zionists against his brother.

  5. When frum Jews are demonstrating against Eretz Yisroel, there has to be Chillul Hashem! That is not a good thing. I do not think the United States and the rest of the world has to watch the Jews air their dirty laundry, so to speak. Why can’t such an action be a little more private? I’m sure they don’t need me to tell them this.

  6. Funny how the anti satmar don’t understand that a lot of this maschlokes was overblown by rabble rousers on both sides.

  7. so you have an image problem, how about the disgusting image we have in the eyes of hashem yisborach for not being mocha on the desecration of anything/everything that’s connected to shmiras Torah umitzvohs, and emune bashem in the name of am yisroel, in the so-called state of Israel?
    and how about the disgusting anti semitism that’s spreading all over the world thanks to the state of Israel?

  8. A public demonstration seeking to pressure political figures is not the Torah way. The secular believe in the power of man but Torahdik Jews believe in the power of tefillah. Organize a yom tefillah if you’d like, but leave the press out of it.

  9. Will not allow my students, children or friends to attend this massive Chilul Hashem. Why get the media involved?

    BTW who is going to decide the language of the speeches?

  10. To No. 9

    Point well taken ….all the anti-semitim and haters of EY can unite in a massive protest in New York city. The picture of the reunited Aaron/Zalman arm in arm with Abas and his chevrah will resonate among those who would like to see EY defenseless.

  11. #14
    ey defenseless? without shmire from heaven, there’s no shmire, the USA should stop 1 day their support this entire malchus shel minos is gone, but even with their help, how long do you think the charon af of shomayim because of those atheists will go on like this? hashem is erech apayim, but at the end he pays back!

  12. To all of those who think that tfila is more appropriate than a protest –

    I remember hearing Rav Moshe Feinstein saying that it is very difficult to be mispalel against a gzeira which comes from Yidden (since we are arevim for them). This was at a time when the Agudas Harabbonim had called on everyone to be mispalel (in all botei medrash, not at an atzeres) to be mevatel one of the zionist gzeiros after protests had not helped. (I think it was nituchei meisim, but I might be wrong. This was over forty years ago.)

    When goyim make gzeiros agains yidden, then tfila is appropriate. When yidden make the gzeiros against the Torah, then we have a chiyuv to be mocheh, so a protest is more appropriate.

  13. Even though the non-frum posters above hate the frum because we stand up for Torah values publicly, which they are embarrassed over, we will certainly continue defending Torah Judaism in the public forum and with international governmental figures.

  14. I am not Satmar by a long shot – but can’t we have a little respect for the two Rebbes? I’m sure they are both great Talmidei Chachamim!
    Lets not play with fire…it happens too much in the comments here…

  15. Interesting that the hatred of Jews unites two battling brothers.

    Maybe they should focus on protecting the child molesters in their communities and leave us alone.

  16. Just for your information, R’ Aron and R’ Zalman Leib got together for a meeting this past year. So this isn’t such a big deal if they are willing “to appear on a podium at one-another’s side”.

  17. Interesting that the hatred of Jews unites two battling brothers.

    Not the hatred of JEWS rather the HATRED OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

  18. To No. 18

    How can you have respect for two brothers who have spent nearly two decades engaged in the most petty broigas about money and power but now find a way to come together in achdus when it comes to “protesting” the efforts of the newly elected government of EY to ask all citizens to contribute to the national defense. A newly relased poll shows that 2/3 of Israelis support prison terms for draft evaders. If they wanted to make a positive contribution, the two Teitelbaums could try to broker some compromise with the government that would avoid the pending trainwreck where thousands of bochurim will be jailed.

  19. Gadolhadorah: A large number of people throughout the world, including America, will be horrified at the pictures of heavily armed police rounding up thousands of people who refuse to fight in a war they oppose. At present, most Americans believe that all Jews in Israel are bloodthirsty warmongers – and while many Americans approve of this, in fact many do not. Note the growing anti-Israel movement which is based on the belief that all Israelis are primarily interested in conquering the Arabs and driving them off their land. The widely publicized Jewish opposition to the war will end up gaining much support for those who heretofore were turned off by Israeli militarism, will in fact create an opening to appeal to many disaffected Jews who reject militarism, and for the first time in 90 years will let the Muslims know they have a peace partner willing to live at peace in the Middle East (unlike the zionists who insist on making Eretz Yisrael a part of the ultra-secular west).

  20. Baruch Hashem these two great Gedolim from Satmar are uniting to fight the gezeiros and daven and beseech the RBS”O to save us from the reshoyim in the zionist regime.

  21. The main problems with this new GEZIREH is; First, it is forbidden to assist the State of Israel in any way, including fighting in its wars. Secondly, the Israeli army is known to be an environment of immorality and negligence of Jewish law, in utter contrast to the high standards of modesty and observance with which the ultra-Orthodox meticulously raise their children. Third, boys studying in religious schools would be forced to abandon their studies in their prime years.