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On The Way To An Upheaval Towards Ending Woes Of Yeshiva Budgeting In Israel

In the past, yeshiva budgeting has been held up by the Finance Ministry, which at times, holds the funding hostage to political goals. As coalition negotiations are taking place, the chareidim are working to implement a historic change in the distribution of yeshiva funding to bring an end to this for once and for all.

At present, the budgeting for yeshivos is viewed as Finance Ministry ‘support’ and once every few months, yeshivos report to the treasury about delays in funding, an unfortunate regular occurrence. Behind the scenes, a battle is fought between chareidi representatives and treasury officials to have the funding released.

According to a BeChadrei Chareidim report, in the coalition talks, the chareidi parties are now demanding that the budget be changed by introducing the yeshiva budget into the law book and the budget base, so that the budget will be determined when the state budget is legislated.

It should be noted that this is a demand that if it is accepted, it will lead to a real turnaround in everything related to budgeting the Torah world – when the budget will be based on each talmid, and as mentioned above, will not be subject to changes determined by the Ministry of Finance each month according to the number of talmidim and the manner in which the budgetary pie is distributed.

In addition, Yahadut Hatorah believes that the change will also bring about a relaxation of all surprising criticisms of Torah institutions, since this involves the distribution of the general budget; The budget will be transferred every month as any other budget and will not be subject to the development of coalition funds, even if the government falls during the term of office.

The list of demands:
This demand comes in addition to the list of demands that Yahadut Hatorah submitted to the Likud during Chol Hamoed Pesach, which was reportedly obtained by BeChadrei Chareidim, which includes, among other things, the demands of yeshiva students, Shabbos, giyur, housing and transportation.

* Regarding the recruitment of bnei Torah, it was written: “We wish to anchor in the legislation that anyone who sits and studies – “limud torah is his profession”- will receive a delay from military service and for this purpose we will also negotiate the Basic Law for Torah Learners, that is to say, to protect their status under law for once and for all.

The party also demands that the matter of induction of girls be organized: “To anchor and strengthen what was legislated 40 years ago, every girl who declares before a dayan that she observes Shabbos and kashrus will receive the exemption from service.”

* On the issue of conversion, housing, the Chief Rabbinate and matters of religion and state, Yahadut Hatorah (YH) wishes to amend the requirements that were not accepted in these matters in the previous term. This is in addition to the introduction of additional demands that will be incorporated into the negotiations.

* And a change in child allowances that will enable “the possibility of doubling parental participation in savings from NIS 50 to 100,” according to the list.

“One of the issues on which YH will be particularly insistent is the subject of the growing chilul Shabbos and Yomim Tovim nationwide.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Lieberman lurking… blue and white waiting… עץ hoping for failure… we need big סייעתא דשמיא אי”ה

  2. I know nothing about funding of yeshivas in the State of Israel, but yeshiva funding in the US is a nightmare for most frum families.

  3. If memory serves, the chareidi parties refused for years to provide yeshiva funding through the state budget on the principle of keeping arm’s length from “Zionism.” If so, what the article describes is quite a, er, reform.

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