Magen David Adom To Switch Sound of Ambulance Sirens To Avoid Causing Panic


Ambulance sirens are heard fairly often during a regular day and even more so when a national emergency is occurring. Over the past few days, as air raid sirens in the south of Israel have become far too common, the ambulance sirens, which can sound similar, have been causing people to panic unnecessarily and believe that an air raid siren is sounding when there isn’t one.

In an effort to curb this trend, and prevent panic among the public, the Director of Magen David Adom in Israel Eli Bin, has instructed all of Magen David Adom ambulances that work in the areas most affected by the rocket attacks to change the sound of their sirens, from the regular and recognizable sounds to one that sounds distinguishably different than an air raid siren.

As of now, the ambulance sirens will sound like ambulance and police sirens do in Europe.

Bin was quoted as saying: “During these difficult days we need to express the utmost sensitivity to the fears of the public. In an effort to prevent unnecessary panic, I have instructed that all sirens of ambulances be changed so that the public will be able to differentiate between an air raid siren that requires one to rush to a safe room and an ambulance siren. MDA will continue to take any necessary steps to assist the public to maintain a status quo as much as possible.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)