MASS CHILLUL SHABBOS: Yahadut Hatorah Cancels Coalition Talks With Likud After Netanyahu OK’s 30,000 to Work on Shabbos For Eurovision


A planned meeting on Monday between Yahadut Hatorah and Likud coalition negotiators was canceled at the behest of Yahadut Hatorah, as the chareidi lawmakers were angered after learning of the mass Chilul Shabbos that will take place as Israel hosts the Eurovision Song Contest. Prime Minister Netanyahu has given permission for 30,000 workers to be mechalel Shabbos to accommodate the Eurovision, which will take place in Tel Aviv on Shabbos R”L.

According to the religious status quo, permits for Shabbos work are to be for pikuach nefesh matters only.

The chareidi party’s act of protest comes days after the publication on the main evening news that Yahadut Hatorah is demanding entry into the next government as deputy minister in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – for one reason only; preventing Chilul Shabbos and individual approval of all work deemed essential on Shabbos.

About three weeks ago, Yahadut Hatorah published its conditions for entering the next government, and its fundamental demands deal primarily with the draft law. The chareidim want him to agree to their vision without giving in to Avigdor Lieberman’s demands, as he is vehemently anti-chareidi in his policies. Also, on the list of coalition conditions of Yahadut Hatorah: preventing public Chilul Shabbos; Housing for the chareidi tzibur and budgeting yeshiva students on the basis of the state budget rather than continuing to having to rely on the goodwill of the Finance Ministry.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These people are a bunch of comedians, is this the first time Chilul Shabbos is taking place in the so called Yiddish Medinah?
    Though I’m not at all worried, they’ll be promised a few more Shekels & the preparations will carry on as if nothing happened,

  2. Isnt this headline comical? Chilul Shabos?! The entire medinah is a tremendous Chilul Hashem! Bibi is a head of a heretic State that spites Hashem with its very existence. So now if he’s a mechalel Shabos beferhesia ( as he’s all the time), the Chareidim are offended? How unbelievably amazing!
    What did the Bibi or the Likud party give a religious Jew that he had the gal to sit with these apikorsim in the treifene keneset? Its all a sham!
    Enjoy ur rude awakening!

  3. Whata joke! Bibi doesnt observe Shabos. What now? Is it the 30,000 people being mechalel shabos ? Its nothing new unfortunately

  4. A” Jewish leader” who steps on his heritage to promote a hollow illusion that it is through his strength he is able to fend off hostile enemies, or a “leader” who steps on his religion to gain worlds acceptance so they would say “he is a worldly man and a man of vision” in the end will fail the vision Just as did Ben Gourion did when he ordered a boat full of Jews to be attacked and murdered off the coast just because of his “word” and his promise to the English.

    His holiness, Ben Gourion ,killed Jews not much after Hitler just killed over 6 million Jews.

    R’L’ Just watch the videos of Jews running or are in a bus under Missile attack.
    BN will ALWAYS be driven around with a motorcade and the best security and body guards that money could buy nothing can and will effect him for the rest of his life.
    Just like the Charadi MK who horde new under valued Real Estate for their unborn great grand kids as an investment or Just as godless Teddy or Olmert or Sharon or …. they all vote for Chilol Shabbot at the end so they can be a part of the gov. to gain.
    So please spear us that the PM is desecrating Shabbos.
    They ALL permit this in the end and to be chillol Shabbos is a small Bubkis if they can gain.
    So stop the hypocrisy and over zealousness. You got to pay for the privilege of being in the government. Gd is not the factor. Just an Illusion.
    His Holiness, “PM, Bibi Netanyahu, King of Israel” is doing what Ben Gourion, Shimon Press and the rest of them have done. And the “Charadi Leaders” are as guilty as the rest of them.
    His Holiness, the Honorable P.M. BN is like the rest of Israeli government perpetuates Hamas, PA and the rest of the Anti Semites in and around Israel.
    Here is why.
    As good as he supposedly is, BN and the rest of the Israeli gov are no visionary States Men.
    By calling the Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza before every bombing to WARN them that the bombs are coming he is capitulating to the enemies of the Jews, Perpetuate the war and as Ben Gourion to Shimon Press did will delay the inevitable of declaring Israel a Jewish State.
    But if the gov does that, then EU and US will not tolerate the Jewish Israeli existence.
    You see, as long as Israel or for that matter Jews are being killed than the Jews will earn the right to have a tolerated existence.
    As soon as they, Jews or Israel, begins to show might and strength then the WORLD will come crushing down on them reminding them that this would not be tolerated.
    This is the mentality of a worldly Jew.

  5. Massive Chillul Shabbos
    Massive Kiddush HaShem.

    Once we are part of the government, and certainly once we – the Torah observant parties – make up sixteen seats, we most definitely should voice our displeasure with the blatant disregard for the status quo and the Shabbos policies that have been part of this same government since ’48.