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SWELTERING LAG BAOMER IN MERON: Sharav Conditions Predicted for Israel this Week

The summer weather that has been felt in recent days is nothing compared to what is predicted to happen on Lag B’Omer. The weather forecast published for the coming days shows that Lag B’Omer is going to be an extremely hot day, with temperatures in Tiveria expected to reach 44C (111F).

An examination of the various cities shows that in Jerusalem it will be 36 (96.8), in Bnei Brak 38 (100), in Meron will be no less than 36 (96.8), which certainly will be difficult for the masses celebrating at the tziyun of the Rashbi. However, anyone who descends to Beit Shean will feel 43 (109).

EMS organizations are preparing ahead of the events of Lag B’Omer and the oppressive sharav conditions expected. Such weather conditions are likely to result in many heat-related calls, including fainting, heat stroke and dehydration.

Rabbi Yosef Shwinger, Head of the Society for the Protection of Holy Places said that in light of the heat wave expected this week everyone coming to Meron should be prepared and bring lots of their own personal water. Even though the national service will have water on sight, participants are asked to bring their own as well. “We have prepared everything we can for the throngs of visitors, we have set up shade stations, and established an immense water and drinking system. However, in order to make sure, we ask that everyone bring ample water with them. Refreshment centers, as well as new bathrooms, have been set up in various locations throughout Meron in order to satisfy the needs of those in attendance.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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