HAFGANAH: Thursday Vehicular Convoy Protest Following Brutal Police Beating of Autistic Youth in Jerusalem


A protest vehicular convoy is planned for Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 6:15PM beginning in Jerusalem’s Makor Baruch neighborhood and traveling to the Knesset.

The protest is a response to the inaction of police regarding the border policeman who viciously and mercilessly beat Yanki, a chareidi autistic male who was pushed to the pavement face down and then beaten as documented on the video, despite his cries for mercy and cries from bystanders to leave him alone as they explained his condition. Their cries fell on deaf ears. Yanki’s crime; he allegedly pushed a female policewoman. As reported by YWN-Israel, this has since been proven by video footage to be 100% false.

On Tuesday, MK (Yahadut Hatorah) Yisrael Eichler sent a letter to Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, questioning why the border policeman documented on video beating an autistic chareidi youth mercilessly has yet to be charged.

After the incident, Deputy Health Minister contacted the parents of the victim, and explained he was not going to permit this to be pushed under the carpet and forgotten, and the persons responsible for the beating will be held accountable. In addition, the Admor of Berdichev Shlita, Rav Aharon Baumel, was summoned to police for questioning for daring to question why not one of the bystanders intervened to stop the beating of the victim, but just stood by, perhaps yelling, but not intervening.

It is pointed out the protest is not sponsored by any organization, and participants are urged to tie signs connecting to the incident to their cars.

[OUTRAGEOUS: Police Officer Who Viciously Beat Autistic Chareidi Teen Still On The Job – No Charges]

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Chilul Sheym Shamayim- Round 2

    * A special note to all my dear secular brothers and sisters ( and normal religious ppl who are profoundly affected and humiliated as well ) . This event that will give very bored individuals the opportunity to feel relevant and useful , does not represent authentic Judaism . It’s a different religion . Please don’t generalize nor let it affect the way you approach any serious inquiry into your own personal connection to Judaism and being closer to Hashem .
    To employ a widely used term today –
    It’s “fake religion” .

  2. hymish what if it was your brother you wouldnt want answers?

    answer. it would never be your brother becaause he is not chareidi and thus would never of been beaten like that.

    again you are a sick individual

  3. Be”heymish”,

    Minor correction there to your screen name.

    What’s this got to do with religion?! This is about human rights. What would you do if this was your son?? For the record; I generally frown upon any protests as well but this is different. Silence is not always appropriate.

  4. This angry rabbi is inflaming his followers with hate speech. He should be arrested and sentenced to jail. His mindset is the cause for any resentment the non chareidi community feels towards people like him.
    And i am still waiting for the authors of these fake news allegations to show me on the video where a beating occured, merciless or otherwise.Taking a person into custody who is violently resisting arrest is never pleasing to watch, and yasherkoach to these officers who perfrmed their job instead of looking away and pretending nothing happened.
    A bloody face is not evidence of excessive force.

  5. lbj –
    calm down leibish
    your hamodia should be there on the front lawn vry soon
    assume it doesn’t stand for Lyndon B our former prez – can’t believe you’d ever take on the persona of a farkahkta goy !

    * Note to my secular brothers and sisters and all normal religious ppl -including Chareidim- whom I love and admire as well and who for most part agree completely that a small idiotic fake segment of their population continues to mechalel shem shamayim at every turn .
    All discourse with the leibish’s of the world need to be delivered and handled in this very particular manner and format for full comprehension purposes. Please don’t attempt this on your own nor take any of it seriously. It’s sadly the only way to communicate effectively .

  6. I question why there was no medical assistance given. In general I am against this type of protest, buy there are always exceptions to the rule.

  7. Uncle Mo- ah cmon uncle mo ! ?
    Uncle’s are supposed to be nice and sweet
    Only goyim and fashtoonkina fraya yiddin act and say things like that !?

    * To my dear normal secular and religious friends ,
    pls see my advisory earlier with respect to leibish. Furthermore , to further state clearly my position on this matter , i am not pleased this individual was bloodied during the encounter . Upon reviewing the video supplied by this informative site , the actions of the police were clearly devoid of any criminality , or even wrongfulness. Their ability
    to discern a genuinely autistic child/young man from your typical rabidly combative protester is virtually impossible . The only humans capable of that would be armchair pontificators and self-righteous fake religious jews such as lbj / uncle mo . Other than those 2 , I don’t believe it’s reasonable to expect your average and above average law enforcement officer to be able to determine that .
    If that protester is indeed autistic then it’s quite sad and unfortunate that his parents , guardians , caretaker , etc …did not have the necessary wisdom to prevent his entering the fray to begin with .
    I hurt for the pain he suffered but if he is mentally challenged the blame is squarely on those responsible for his well-being .

  8. You clearly are a self-hating jew. Anyone who watches this video and their blood doesn’t boil, may not be a real Jew. What kind of animals can savagely and so viciously assault an autistic boy like this and not be held accountable? Police were told a hundred times the boy was autistic, yet they didn’t care. You can be sure that if this kid was an irreligious autistic boy in Tel Aviv, and the cops beat him like this, there would be anti-police protests around the clock, and the officers would have all been fired by now.

    You are nothing less than a self-hating jew. And for the record, I am pro zionist. I am pro police and pro IDF. But this is horrific. I have no other words for you other than you are a self-hating jew. Shame on you. You are a real rasha. You have zero ahavas yisroel. Imagine this was your child. You would be on this site demanding the cops be fired. What kind of animal are you? No excessive force?



  9. – someone obviously bulldozed your brain before writing that comment .

    Dear normal people ,
    It’s a sad commentary on our times that one’s proclaiming that they are “ pro IDF / pro police or pro Israel” lends itself to deserving a medal.
    It then converts into a license to reference …… a video no less ! ……. and attempt to twist and interpret its contents into something it most definitely was not .
    Provided someone’s brain hasn’t been bulldozed , is there any need to state that one is pro IDF ? pro police ? … are you pro air ? , pro walking ? , pro not acting like a moron ?
    Let’s all be fooled by a bulldozed brain because he doesn’t hate Israel or it’s protectors . Bravo . Biscuit is in the mail .
    The video speaks for itself .

  10. I’m sure lots of people need yireh shamayim
    The secular and the ultra orthodox
    The Israeli government or lack thereof
    Arrogance fueled by sin is guilty of crossin to many lines to many times

    NOWHERE is he struck maliciously. It takes 4 to 5 officers to arrest an adult size thrashing person. Stop the shecker here already! How are we supposed to take any claims of anti chareidi bias seriously if you all cant view plain recorded facts and absorb reality?

  12. @Chiloni Amiti, Alias Chareidi Sheker, restraining someone doesn’t mean punching him in the face, the kid is clearly not punching the officer, but he deserves a bloody punch because he is chareidi right?,those officers should be fired they have no sane control of a nonviolent protest. But you like to defend other people’s wrong doings.
    You are a rotten (sadly)jew. Shame on you.

  13. mr charedi amiti bluffer I bet if the was a sweet nice black boy who just finished mugging someone and was armed… you would be out screaming at the black lives matter…. (what are you “chared” about? or are you just a real quaker)

  14. Holy City / RRR
    Please seek help .
    And perhaps stop calling Chareidi Amiti your idiotic childish names . I notice he replies to you stating fact while you both revert to your days in kindergarten , perhaps not long ago.

    Dear Others,

    It is my fervent hope that these 2 fine yiddin heed my advice . They obliterate any semblance of credibility for the very people they purport to defend .
    Boy who cried wolf ? Pls encourage them to visit a local nursery to familiarize themselves with this tale.
    C A – don’t get yourself worked up . The video was quite clear and unsurprisingly there was absolutely no misconduct . However , there must be another video that you and I are missing — where the police woman strolled over to just some random citizen minding his own business , punched him in the face and purposely body slammed him to the ground.
    There has to be another angle or again -more than likely- a completely different vid that exists somewhere in certain people’s imaginations that we simply missed .

  15. The video does not show him being punched in the face.How did his face end up bloody? Probably from falling to the ground after being tackled and taken down by multiple officers. The police can not control what direction he falls down in, or onto what surface he faceplants. That is much more whithin the suspects control.
    All of you foul fingered “chareidim” are demonstrating better than anyone else ever could how Torah true values and Ratzon Hashem mean NOTHING to you, only image and false narratives to be perceived as victims. There are already enough fake victims west of the jordan river, whose stories are pitifuly rehashed on al jazeera and arab media. You seem proud to join their ranks.

  16. For the record, i agreed with the first (state) verdict of the rodney king trial. So you wont find any sympathy here for violent people disregarding police commands, regardless of their skin color.

  17. chareidy amiti your sick, your a meshugeneh, you spout garbage like hitler.you should ashamed of yourself even though your hiding behind your false name. you are the rotten apple of society. shem reshaim yirkav!!!!

  18. Like hitler? Who here is the person speaking like a rasha?
    First rule of giving tochacha- get your own midos in order before you call Torah Jews nazis.
    I cant stand peleg yerushalmi, but i still dont call them nazis.
    There are jews commenting here who have no connection to anything G-dly, R’l.

  19. The reactions to simple truth here are only demonstrating for all to see how distant many “frum” people in our community are from any reality.
    You should all be ashamed before man and G-d.

  20. C A – yes you are a meshugenah . and how can you not notice the similarities between you and …. Adolf Hitler ? You guys are so similar !

    Good one Daass.

    Incidentally you chose the perfect name as your handle .

    For the good of Klal Yisroel I implore you to purchase a muzzle .

    Was waiting for the hitler card to be used on C A , can’t believe it took so long !?