Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Become “Halachic State” After Smotrich Says Israel Should Be Run According To Torah


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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that “Israel will not become a Halachic state,” on Monday, rejecting remarks made by MK (URWP) Bezalel Smotrich who called for the justice system to adhere to Halacha.

Smotrich, who holds the party’s second slot, announced that after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fired Naftali Bennet and Ayelet Shaked on Sunday, he wishes to be appointed justice minister in Shaked’s place.

“It is my intention that the State of Israel is ultimately run according to the Torah. That is how it should be in a Jewish state,” the 39-year-old lawmaker told Israel Radio.

He said he hopes that this would result in “a more just legal system.”

Smotrich said he wants to introduce parts of Torah into Israel, claiming it is far superior to the law as it was shaped by former Supreme Court Chief Justice Aharon Barak, who has been criticized often by the right for his judicial activism.

“Our country will return to the way it was in the days of David Hamelech and Shlomo Hamelech, run by the laws of the Torah,” Smotrich said. He claimed there was no question of religious coercion.

“Nothing will happen immediately, and nothing will be done by coercion,” he said. “I think there should be Rabbinical courts and their authority should be respected and allowed to play a greater role.”

Clarifying his remarks, Smotrich explains there is “kovod” to Jewish Law, and “this is our uniqueness”, and therefore, he seeks the post that will permit him to implement his plan. He adds, “It is my hope, that in the future, Israel will be run in accordance with the Torah”.

“There is no coercion, and nothing is happening at a moment’s notice. There remains a great deal of flexibility. For example, regarding monetary, law, according to Halacha, which we call “דיני נזיקין”, this law is far more correct and just. I feel we must do what we can to give a chizuk to the Chief Rabbinate’s batei din”.

“There are endless Torah doctrines that provide room for democracy and the way of life determined through it. It’s not as scary as they paint it. We just need to learn. And by the way, Aharon Barak’s legal methodology is clearly Torah. Thus, for example, the perception of everything that is justiciable, the constitutional law that determines the boundaries of the democratic decision of the majority, the existence of basic values that the entire system is obligated to act in their light. All of these are clear principles of Torah law. Somehow, when he says it, it sounds great to you,” Smotrich added.

Regarding the justice ministry post, Smotrich adds, “I am ready to take the mission with great joy. It is clear to me that I am not going to make far-reaching changes – it will be in the next term. This case is very important. The Justice Ministry is involved today in almost everything that happens in the government”.

Responding to Smotrich’s words, MK Avigdor Lieberman announced that his warnings of a “halachic state” are not imaginary, but a significant threat. “Listen to what Smotrich – a candidate for the justice minister post – has said. This is no longer just a comment of a delusional hilltop boy, but a statement of intent, he wants a Halachic state,” he said.

Video below of Smotrich at Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav on Yom Yerushalayim.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. At least Bibi has not totally lost his senses although finding good professional help for Reb Smotrich would be considered a real act of chesed.

  2. Moishile…..EY can thrive w/o mandating that the large percentage of yidden who live in EY and are not strictly shomer torah umitzvos suddenly become subject to a particular view of Halacha as interpreted by the rabbanut. The few experiences the world has seen with strict theocracies in the past several decades are much worse than the “State of Sodom” you equate to EY. Create a medinah where yidden are free to practice yiddeshkeit as they wish with the obvious protections for those who do not subscribe.

  3. ” The few experiences the world has seen with strict theocracies in the past several decades are much worse than the “State of Sodom” you equate to EY.”

    So, in your opinion, halachah is no different than any other religion’s set of rules and it’s all relative? If you’re so fine with being openly Atheist, why do you chose to post here? Just curious.

  4. Gadolhadorah, if you compare “strict theocracies in the past several decades” of the non-Jewish world to Torah, you are stupid and ignorant woman. I guess Halohah is “Ultra” Orthodox for folks of your type.

  5. Modern day Eretz Yisroel, as viewed through the lens of Torah and its chachomim, has always been to deal with it as a metziyus of a secular government of an overwhelming Jewish population, rather than as a Jewish/Torah state. Halevai it should continue to be so, until the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeinu BB”A.

  6. Secular Zionism rearing its ugly head…. this is why we daven for משיח and a clear reminder that Netanyahu is not our salvation only preferred more than the liberal bitter anti chareidi camp

  7. The only right Yidden have to Eretz Yaroel is based on Torah. Without striving to make Israel “Halachic State” we have no claim to this land.

  8. Moishele: Thanks again for your reliable contribution to providing comic relief on a slow news Monday. If you truly believe as a practical matter there is only ONE view of halacha (perhaps a weekly pre-Moishiach/Sanhedrin stoning at Teddy Stadium for adultery, avodah zarah, or chilul Shabbos) you really should make Aliyah to one of several theorcratic regimes where their version of the “Rabbanut” totally distorted their “halacha” and indulged in bloody court-mandated sekillah. When you come out of your cave, stop by a civil court and smell the roses.

  9. Gadolhadorah, you are bigger idiot than i suspected. With your incoherent rant you embarrass yourself even more on this forum. It is obvious your views on Halochah or Yideshkeit is based on leftist secular or Reform/Conservative/Re-constructionist ideologies.. Only ignorant Torah-hating fool would come up with arguments like yours.. My friendly advice: stop embarrassing yourself any further among readers of this site.