IDF To Equip Itself With Special Rifles To Neutralize Armed Drones


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In the coming days, the IDF is expected to equip itself with special rifles to neutralize drones carrying explosive devices, Yediot Achronot reported Thursday.

These are rifles that were produced by a civilian company, and they ‘fire’ frequencies and thus manage to disrupt the activity of the drones, and permit them to take control quickly.

The new rifle has already been sold to other countries around the world, as well as to companies in the private market, which are successfully being used against drones.

Recently, there have been a number of incidents on the border of Gaza, in which the terrorist organizations have carried out attacks against IDF forces stationed there.

Documentation was released last Thursday by the Gaza-based Islamic Jihad terror organization, which, according to the organization, succeeded in hitting an IDF tank during the last round of fighting.

In the video, the drone appears to be positioned above the tank, when a soldier appears to be approaching one side of the tank. At this point, a bomb is released at the tank, and it explodes on the other side of the tank.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)