WATCH IT: Delinquent Chareidi Youths Terrorize Bnei Brak: Storm Shuls, Assault Chassidim and Damage Property


A pack of delinquent youths used Shabos and Shavuos night to terrorize many people around Bnei Brak, smashing windows and light fixtures, eventually ending their Shavuos night by storming the Dorog Bais Medrash, leaving 20 Chassidim injured.

The group started their Shabbos with vandalism at the Antania Shul as well as the Machnovka Bais Medrash. Many other Batei Midrashim are now identifying the suspects as the same – all from security camera footage. They stole anything they could, broke things in all the buildings they entered, and assaulted many people.

The end of their vandalizm streak ended on Shavuos night when the gang spent three hours running around the streets, verbally abusing people, and using sticks to smash many objects. Being that it was Shavuos, local residents did not call police.

Eventually, the group arrived at the Dorog Bais Medrash, where a large crowd was learning and saying Tikun Lail Shavuos. They first began throwing water at the Chassidim, and then brazenly entered the building with large wooden sticks and began assaulting anyone they could. They threw heavy objects at anyone that came near them.

Afterward, the youths increased their activity, and even removed a fire extinguisher that was installed in the area, emptying its contents by spraying it indiscriminately in the beis medrash area, causing considerable damage.

Some of the young chassidim tried to oust the disruptive youths and was injured as a result of the throwing of stones by the rioters. Rescuers summoned to the site gave treatment to at least injured chassidim, some of whom refused to be evacuated to the hospital until after yomtov.

On motzei Yomtov, Sunday night, some of the youths returned to the beis medrash “to settle accounts” with the chassidim who struck them

Police have since arrested at least 5 of the attackers, and are searching for additional suspects. Sadly they all come from Chareidi homes (both Ashkenazim and Sephardim).

Meanwhile, on Tuesday afternoon it was learned that the same group of youths broke into another Baitei Midrashim in Bnei Brak, causing damage and stealing what they could find.

The security camera footage below was taken inside the “Antanya Beis Medrash” on Friday night (early Shabbos morning). The group attempted to smash the cameras, as well as soaked many ares of the SHul with lots of water.

Police are working to identify the group and connect the two.

Footage from the suspects inside the Machnovka building in Bnei Brak will be loaded shortly.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Reporting on charedei youth causes people to hate religious people, especially when you point out that they are chareidim. This causes a major chilul Hashem. Usually only secular papers publish things like this.

  2. Well, if you just concentrate on learning but not MIDOS & DERECH ERETZ, you wind up with Shedim b’Zuras Adam. Why not have organized activities for these “leidig geiers”?

  3. They may come from Chareidi families, but these apikorsim certainly aren’t Chareidi. My question is, WHY?? Were they drunk? High? Or just filled with hate?

  4. Samthenylic, poster #5, these poor kids didn’t make it in the yeshiva system. We need avenues for them to be good, erlich, successful jews outside of the yeshiva system. Good erlich productive people outside of the yeshiva system – what’s wrong with that?

  5. @HolyCity – yidden are humans. Yidden re just like all humans there are good ones and there are bad ones.

    So here is a question, why didn’t all these people in the BM fight back? pick up a chair? or find some weapon and defend yourself? And I know it is was shabbos/yom tov but why not call the police? It was a matter of pikuach nefesh.

    Here is a thought, maybe some of these yungeleit should go into the army and given some discipline? a trade?

  6. There isn’t a second part to the story these kids are violent and off the derech since they don’t care about being mechallel shabbos and yom tov look at the bunch of melochos deoraita they do without any problem. Animals kofrim, i feel bad they are even jewish.

  7. many are wearing tzitzis and one kisses the mezuzah as he enters the mikveh building in video 2……
    Were they on drugs? ……very strange…..

  8. Wild behavior. Like most (all) of us never seen anything like it. I don’t know the explanation but that part of the world
    certainly breeds this mentality much more than in the US and other western countries. Look at the zealots in Beitar and Meah Shararim. You basically don’t find that stuff here (in America).

  9. Several postings say “there is something strange” but the most strange are the fact that there was a “large crowd” of chareidim in the beis medrash shown in the video yet only a handful seemed to come out to stop these thugs or repel the attacks. Why would they sit idly by and not fight back or otherwise call the police given that there was a risk to life if rocks were being thrown and other violent acts were being perpetrated. Why was there so little pushback?? That is what is so strange.

  10. “Sadly they all come from Chareidi homes (both Ashkenazim and Sephardim).”


    Strange they’d have to mention that.

  11. So, how many generations after freing out do you get to keep being called “chareidi” in Israel? Just 1? Indefinitely?

    Not a joking question. When a kid goes OTD in America, we call him a reform Jew or whatever he becomes. “Chareidi” being used as an ethnicity is foreign to me.

  12. Didn’t call the police.
    Refused to goto the hospital after being advised to by medical professionals.
    Maybe they went OTD because they saw how stupid Chareidim can be.

  13. By Standing by and allowing “Peleg Protests” -Rabbis who encourage Bochrim to Leave Bais Medrash to act wild in streets and teach thuggery and vandalism by Bochrim in Streets to achieve political goals, and the community sees Chassidish Bochrim wandering streets of Beni Brak all night NOT LEARNING MIDDOS, taught to scream and push, act like Vilde Chayes, then this is what you get.

  14. This is why we have police. Not to call them nazis, or to throw diapers at. It is all too clear who the real nazis are here. Self made ones, from the best chareidi families in benei brak, ir shel toira.
    H yerachem.

  15. Learn learn learn but don’t practice one word what they learn aren’t these the religious people throwing stones on the Shabbos.These religious people walk around With such arrogance and ego and very aggressive in their behavior something must have gone down.And if nothing went down which is hard to believe I still stand by what I say

  16. Never forget, each one has the purest most unbelievably deep and glorious taharadig neshama that was next to mine and yours at har Sinai.

    Some of the comments here, yikes.

    We don’t have a clue what a yid really is at his core. We get a peak with a gadol once in a while maybe because the outside matches the inside more than usual, but we still know nothing of the truth.

    That these neshamos are so extreme and active is something to be used and directed. It makes me think of a few lit candles jumping and flaying around. Yes it’ll burn anything that touches it if you’re not careful.

    That’s why we don’t let kids play with fire, or internet commenters anywhere near these holy Sparks.

    I can’t think of a better advertisement for a frum army unit than these videos.

  17. The Yeshiva World News should be ashamed of themselves. The amount of Chillul HaShem, Lashon Hara, Richilus, & if I had a Sefer Chofetz Chaim, I’d name many more issurei dioraysa your editors, staff, & entire team are violating.
    By titling this “Delinquent Chareidi Youths Terrorize” is a complete disgrace to you.
    Do you understand that these boys are clearly not learned? Clearly, by just looking at the way they are dressed, their hair cuts, especially these type of actions, you don’t categorize these boys as ‘delinquents’. They are clearly not Bnei Torah. Therefore by labeling them as ‘Charedi’ you not only allow every Modern Jew to now say “wow, look at this Charedim, what a chillul HaShem”, but you have titled them as Charedi. Charedi means you are strong willed for the Torah. For the Mitzvos, for Chessed. Not the way you dress. These boys are clearly off and not on the proper derech.
    It’s a tremendous disgrace titling this as a act of ‘terrorizing’.
    The outcome of this article and the outcome of such a low, hateful, and lack of thought when you posted this Article creates tremendous anti-charedi agendas for many communities who do not associate themselves necessarily with a black hat & white shirt.
    You term the word Charedi into these teenagers who are somewhat deranged, when the word Charedi is a beautiful way of following Hashem’s way. You associated Rav Ahron Laib Shteinmann Zt’l who was the leading Posen, & gadol of our generation with these fools.
    What a foolish, & tremendous lack of sensitivity this article is. What a tremendous lack of realistic expectations that this causes Lashon Hara across the world that ‘Charedim’ are ‘terrorizing’ Shuls .
    You should know that you will be responsible for your postings when you get up to heaven. The ones who didn’t post, & sat by, you too will be punished even harsher, for not standing up for what is right.
    The Charedi community, the Bnei Torah in Yeshivos, is what’s keeping this world standing. Achdus amongst klal yisroel keeps the Jewish People lasting.
    You are destroying it all, & creating enormous amount of division.
    Please remove this article, & never associate Charedim with boys who are not on a derech, who do not have Rabbeim, who do not have a parent to go to for warmth.
    These boys are not Charedi.
    Charedim don’t terrorize.
    Any Yeshiva bochur who lives to learn, knows that this world is not the end goal, knows who the Gedolim are, knows this world is just the beginning, and tries daily to keep all Halachos properly and grow as a Ben Torah is a ‘Charedi’ Jew.

    Moderators Note: The bigger Chillul hashem is why you used the name of someone else “Shlomo Bressler”, when your name is Sender Gross. Talk about issurim….

  18. Moderator: Why are we talking about who is making a “bigger” chillul Hashem. Just don’t write articles making Charedim look bad and we won’t have any chillul Hashem.

  19. ” Just don’t write articles making Charedim look bad and we won’t have any chillul Hashem.”
    It’s a site for news that pertains to Chareidim, not an echo chamber for us to all feel good about ourselves. Sometimes, bad stuff happens. They still probably publish more “nice” news stories that mainstream news companies.

  20. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
    It was not fair to reveal his true name to the entire world.
    You could have easily said “Why are you lying . That is not your true name”.

  21. I agree that his (S. G.) comment was totally not correct and he exaggerated a lot, but still don’t sink to his level. Act like a gentleman, professional , we know he changed his name, but why publicize his real name.
    In the merit of acting like a super Mentsch, Hashem will bless you with continued success.

  22. Billywee & chareidi amiti: Self Hating Chareidim
    Why is it that when we see people making poor choices, you go and blame other people who are totally not associated with this story

  23. Chareidi amiti it seems to me that you are very one track minded when it comes to frum violence in Israel whenever YWN brings up any story’s involving frum violence you right away blame it on that small sector in meah shearim or the peleg who in some cases called the Israeli cops Nazis, is that seriously the only issue in our community how about all machloikes in between our own community’s like in ponevez Yeshiva or all the machloikes by chassidim, doesn’t this story sound more like an internal conflict between our own brothers

  24. Shlomo Bressler who ever you are, wrote so true. Problem is though you can’t talk sense to ppl who don’t want to listen

    Moderator, YOU need a moderator