Three Chareidi Women Detained Outside The Jerusalem Induction Center [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Three chareidi women were detained by police on Sunday morning at the entrance to the IDF Jerusalem Induction Center on Rashi Street.

The women are members of an organization combating the induction of women into he IDF. They report to the Rashi Street facility almost daily, approaching women and offering assistance in avoiding military service in the name of their ‘Merkaz Hatzalah’ organization.

The women report that police have begun to harass them, as was the case Sunday morning, June 16, 2019. They told Kikar Shabbos News, “this represents crossing a red line by police”, and “there will be consequences for their actions”. They add that before they are out in the streets, they consult with lawyers and they are well-aware of their rights and they do not break the law.

Later in the day, chareidim gathered at Bar Ilan Street in the capital, blocking buses and private vehicles, as seen in accompanying photos and video. One person was taken into custody.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo/Video Credit:” “מחאות החרדים הקיצונים)


  1. I’ve never understood why block traffic in Charedi areas? How does stopping parents from picking up their kids from school or stopping Frum families from shopping help stop the secular coercion to serve in the anti-religious,leftist IDF?

  2. Reshoyim dressed as chareidim.
    Airlift them into a syrian village to root out chezbolla if they have so much time too waste.

  3. Agree, people make fun of protests all the time, but in Israel IT ACTUALLY WORKS
    Even the Gerr community protested against the Police a few weeks ago on Kikar Shabbos, not in the Knesset

  4. now you can see it clearly. giyus banos to a new level. if the army wouldnt have an agenda, there would be no reason in the world to arrest the women from the merkaz hatzolah. the chazon ish wrote that he was ill (with what was later to be נתברר was his final illness) due to the gzeiras giyus banos of his time. rav shmuel aurbach who was niftar not very old said the cause of his illness was becouse of the gzeiras giyus banos of our times. yashem yerachem aleinu