Tiveria’s Chareidi-Hating Mayor Ron Kobi Fails To Pass A Budget For A Third Time


It was as stormy council meeting as Tiveria Mayor Roni Kobi, who is known for his chareidi-hating policies, tried for a third time to pass a city budget. It will now be up to Interior Ministry officials to determine if Kobi is to be permitted to continue serving as mayor, or alternatively, the ministry will appoint someone to assume the responsibilities of running the city.

After two attempts by Mayor Ron Kobi to transfer the budget for 2019, Kobi tried for the third and last time on Tuesday, but failed in doing so, and it is expected the process of removing him as mayor will begin as a result.

After failing to pass the budget, Ron Kobi said it was “a black day for Tiveria.”

The meeting was also attended by Boaz Yosef, director of the northern district of the Interior Ministry, who is following the entire process in the city, the efforts to pass a budget.

During the meeting, council members from the coalition and the opposition clashed. A council member from Kobi Zaka’s party said, “He loves the chareidim and he has a chareidi sister, and I do not speak out against the chareidim.” Degel Hatorah representative David Ochana responded: “You say that chareidim are dirtying the city and not paying municipal taxes.”

As a result of the fact that the budget was not approved, due to the opposition’s majority, the establishment of an appointed interim committee is to be the next step of Interior Ministry officials as the law demands.

Six members of Kobi’s party voted for the budget while eight members of the opposition voted against the budget. The opposition includes the dati and chareidi parties.

HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, head of the Shas Moetzas Gedolei Torah heard of Ron Kobi’s defeat: “I already said at the beginning of his path, whoever fights Shabbos, HKBH will bring him down.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Let me see if I have this right: Ron Kobi hates haredim because he would let haredi parties extort unfair, unjust polices that favor the haredi tzibbur at the expense of other Israelis. Yea, I guess that’s pretty awful if you think haredim are entitled to more rights and privileges that others.