INCREDIBLE STORY: Woman Reinterred From Tunisia To Eretz Yisroel 20 Years After Petira Fully Intact


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It is a story that is quite remarkable. Inon Buchlis lived in Tunisia. His Rebbe relates the incredible account of events. Inon and his family made Aliyah to Israel. His mother was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Tunisia and it was decided to re-inter her in Eretz Yisroel some twenty years after her passing, as per the ruling in SHulchan Aruch that it is permitted to re-inter a body in Eretz Yisroel.

The woman, by all accounts, was a righteous woman – a tzadaikes who worked very hard to bring joy and happiness to Chassanim and Kallah’s.

Incredible, the body of the woman, the tachrichim and her body remained completely intact – 20 years after her Petira!  There was no deterioration of the body whatsoever – not even one hair on her head.

The Talmud tells us of the righteous people of Beitar, whose bodies as well did not deteriorate. Inon’s Rebbe quotes the story to explain the remarkable merit of bringing joy and happiness to brides and grooms.

Tunisia (Tunis) is in North Africa, and there are only about 700 Jews left in the Jewish community.  Internal traditions have it that Jews settled in Tunisia centuries before the destruction of the First Beis HaMikdash.

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  1. “There was no deterioration of the body whatsoever – not even one hair on her head.”
    Silly hyperbole, hair and nails decompose much more slowly than softer tissue. A quick check shows that mummies can still have hair after thousands of years.

    The phenomenon of corpses that have not decomposed is well known. It depends on the bacterial composition of the soil. There are places in England and Ireland where none of the bodies decompose. Very interesting, but hardly miraculous.

  2. Hock in the Rock: Let me know when you graduate high school.
    Yisroel: It’s well known except to the ignorant. Look it up.
    RRR: It’s a nice story, I agree. I see that for you YWN is storytelling time. Hope you have your milk and cookies soon.
    scy4851: you’ll have to do better than that

  3. Editor, please remove “rational”‘s comments. His last posting attacking other posters shows clearly that he is a hateful person whose comments should not appear on YWN

  4. Rational, it may be well known that certain soils preserve bodies, but it is also well known that tzadikim do not decompose. It should be easy to determine which is the case in this instance: if this woman’s failure to decompose is due to the soil in which she was buried, then everyone else in the same cemetery should be in the same condition. I doubt she is the only reinterment from that cemetery, and if everyone from there came out in the same condition this would be known to the local chevra kadisha. If everyone else who was buried there decomposed and she did not, then it must be due to her tzidkus and not to the soil.