WATCH THIS: MBD Walks Off Stage In Israel After Smoker Refuses To Put Out Cigarette

Photo by Baruch Ezagui

The King of Jewish Music, Mordechai Ben David, walked off a stage in Israel due to a man in the audience smoking a cigarette.

A video submitted to YWN shows MBD singing his hit song “Ana melech malchaei hamilachim”, when he tells a man in Hebrew to put the cigarette out.

He gave the man an ultimatum to put the cigarette out, or he leaves the stage. The man refused, and MBD says “Layla Tov” and walks off.

Sources say that MBD had asked the crowd to stop smoking multiple times, and they refused, prompting the final warning.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Chutzpah Yasgi. Here you have a 70 year old man asking a shnook to have the decency to put out his cigarette and the shnook blatantly ignores him. What have we come to ?

  2. Another website said this was at a concert in Argentina not like the title of this article which says it was in Israel

  3. Fat36: he does know the israelis- he didnt fight or argue he just walked off.
    Talmidchochom: who crowned you talmid chochom? You never heard them announcing mbd by a concert as the undisputed king of jewish music? (Nachum segal by the hasc concerts) you really have to ask who crowned him?

  4. Love MBD. What a chutzpah not to put out a cigarette. It’s illegal to smoke indoors and the King of Jewish Music is asking to defence de fumar…

  5. To daas Torah:

    Why is this newsworthy?
    Because it’s bad enough that people still smoke, knowing that it’s the leading cause of many cancers and other fatal illnesses (not only for the smokers but for people breathing in second hand smoke), but if you’re not gonna have the decency to keep it away from people who don’t want cancer as badly as you do, you deserve to be embarrassed in front of the world.
    I start coughing just by smelling cigarettes so this idiot is lucky i wasn’t there.

  6. Looks like the image in the tent,
    Is from a different event,
    As a singer he prefers
    Not to breath in second hand,
    Looks like that is not the case of the band,
    He is not used to the smoke,
    He’d rather not choke.
    Layla Tov he said as he walked off the stage,
    Another MBD story, another page.

  7. What was this event? If people paid to hear him, he is depriving an entire crowd because of a single individual, and if smoking is illegal then security should have removed the guy or at least his cigarette. So I am not rushing to praise MBD without knowing the full situation

  8. If he feels its dangerous to his health to breathe in the second hand smoke then i dont think hes wrong for leaving even though ppl paid to watch him perform. The smoker really deprived the ppl of mbd’s performance not mbd.

  9. 147 you continue to believe this nonsense. What about all the גדולי הפוסקים that allow it?? And btw I’m not a smoker never was. I’m just real.

  10. בעקבות אי הנעימות שנוצרה הן לזמר והן למשפחה, מרדכי בן דוד ישיר למשפחה באירוע קטן שבו יהיה שליטה על האורחים

  11. It is important to take a strong stand when someone is showing ‘pride’ in being against a Mitzva d’oraisa, in this case, the Mitzva of Hishamer Lecha U’shmor Nafshecha Meod

  12. I believe this took place at a Bas Mitzva in Errtz yisroel, so he didn’t make any of the participants lose money. As far as the hosts wallet, I’m sure they made an arrangement afterwards.

  13. One of the musicians playing with Mordechai was Mordechai’s friend Avi Piamenta. Avi’s brother, Yosi Piamenta, died of lung cancer at what might have been the height of his life and career. Mordechai took a position against smoking and subjecting people to secondhand smoke. Way to go MBD!