Chareidim Involved In Ramot Drug Operation Provide Contradictory Statements To Police


The chareidi suspects arrested by police for running a drug laboratory in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem have been questioned by police following their arrests, and they have given contradictory statements to detectives.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Thursday decided to extend their detention for four days, to permit police to continue the investigation without them interfering. Police asked the court to extend their detention for six days, but the court would only grant the four-day extension.

Attorney Shalom Ben-Shabbat, who represents the two defendants, told the court that there is a third person, and he is the one who owns the building bomb shelter where marijuana plants were discovered by police.

As reported by YWN-Israel, specialized police units on Sunday raided the homes of two residents of the Ramot Polin chareidi area of Ramot. While only a small amount of drugs was discovered, 36 marijuana plants were found in a building bomb shelter, which police feel are connected to the suspects in custody.

In the arraignment hearing, attorney Ben-Shabbat maintained the third person is the owner of the shelter, and it has nothing to do with his clients, who he insists are innocent. In the meantime, police report there are many contradictions in the statements given to them by the two defendants.

The investigation continues as police are working to gather sufficient evidence for a criminal indictment.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Based on what does this story render them Chareidim? Is it their dress? Their Yeshivishe Shprach? The word Chareidim emanates from the Posuk החרדים אל דברו the Posuk in ישעיהות פרק סו פסוק ה. To me these guys don’t seem to match the Torah’s description of חרדים.

  2. Yaapchik, you took my words right out of my mouth!! I am sick and tired of Jews being Labeled, especially the Label of Chareidim, which is fairly a New Label. I grew up with being called Religious Jew or Torah observant Jew! A True Chareidi person is who he is inside, NOT WHAT HE WEARS!! The clothes doesn’t make the person G-d fearing!! On the contrary, it is a Chilull Hashem to see so many people act improperly and dress the “Dress”!! That is why I know people who stopped wearing “The Dress Up”, just not to be associated with this New False way!! Do you really think that real Chareidim would be involved In a Drug Operation??? Yaapchik, unfortunately, there are too too many people out there that don’t seem to match the Torah’s description of חרדים, but are wearing the Dress!!!