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Former Arab MK Hanin Zoabi & Her Party Are Likely To Face Criminal Indictments

Former MK Hanin Zoabi, an open supporter of Hamas and enemy of the State of Israel, will likely be facing criminal charges including forgery and fraud, for actions attributed to her during the 2013 Knesset election. During her tenure in Knesset, she often labeled IDF soldiers “an occupying force” “murderers“, and “Nazis”, constantly using her elected position to speak and act against the State of Israel.

The State Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office have already notified her that an indictment against her may be forthcoming as a result of suspected criminal actions during the 2013 election. Her former party, Balad, has already been served with a criminal indictment for its alleged participation in illegal activity during the same election.

At the same time, the State Prosecutor’s Economic Crimes Unit notified 35 other suspects in the affair, including party officials former secretary, Awad Hussein, party central committee members Murad Hadad and Azaldin Badran, and the party’s legal advisor, attorney Riyad Mahmid. They will all have an opportunity to persuade lawmakers of their innocence at a pre-trial hearing at which time the charges may be dropped. Charges against them include forging documents and money laundering regarding election donations received for both a Knesset and municipality election.

During the September 2013 Knesset election, NIS 2.4 million was deposited in the party’s bank account. In February 2016, the party submitted a fictitious report to the State Comptroller’s Office regarding its finances regarding the 2013 election. Investigators have learned some 1,300 fictitious receipts were issued for contributions in the 2013 election along with names of fictitious people. This practice continued in 2015 and 2016 as well.

Regarding municipal elections, in November and December 2013, representatives of the party deposited NIS 213,000 in the bank. In April 2014, the party reported to the State Comptroller that the money was from contributions as well, once again, the forged receipts and fictitious names to launder money.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. Gimme a break. She & her cohorts are Teflon. Besides, Netanyahu obviously has a reason that she wasn’t expelled from the Knesset or charged with racist crimes – he must be getting something out of it. But by all means, ban Otzma Yehudit members from running as candidates; after all, they are frum Jews who care about the State & its citizens. Her calling us murderers, occupiers & stirring up violence against Jews is OK though.

  2. Hml; What are you talking about? First of all she’s not in the Knesset anymore, notice the word “former”. Secondly, though her vile statements are reprehensible they may not have been illegal. The PM can’t expel Knesset members at will, there is a whole process and she probably would have been expelled if she remained.
    Re Otzma Yehudit, who banned them from running?
    If they don’t pass the threshold that’s their own fault.

  3. Its now a crime to call the israeli soldiers “Nazis” – and thus be arrested?!

    Hey – go tell that to all the residents of Meah Shearim!!

    Arrest them all too!!

  4. If all the people who are called Nazis were actually Nazis, the whole world would be Judenrein. Fortunately, most of those accusations are egregious exaggerations. Do not cheapen or diminish the meaning of “Nazi” by using it inappropriately.

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