Charedi Marketing Guru Claims Charedim Do More For Their Country Than Lapid Does


Chareidi marketing guru Yossi Rosenbaum who represented the Likud in the Central Elections Committee meetings last week shocked the committee when he vociferously chastised Yair Lapid stating that he uses anti-semitic and racist language meant to incite against the Chareidi faction of the population.

“This is already my third or fourth term here representing the Likud. I haven’t spoken up so much before this but I will now. I appear just like any other Chareidi man, but I am here representing the Likud and not United Torah Judaism. I am a liberal Chareidi and I work between 17–18 hours per day. I have my own business that has very large clients in the market.

I work hard and I give back a lot to society. I pay more than 50% of my salary to taxes and I volunteer in United Hatzalah. I’m one more than 5,000 volunteers, many of whom are Chareidi, who leave their jobs, their families, their homes, and rush out to save peoples lives and help the nation of Israel. I am personally insulted by Yair Lapid. The racist and anti-semitic language which he uses to attack the Chareidi community is highly offensive.”

“All of the Chareidim are like me in this mind,” added Rosenbaum. “Perhaps there is a small number that would disagree. But I am talking from the depths of my heart, I walk among my people.”

Yossi and those like him from the Karlin Chassidim served in the IDF, and all work toward the betterment of the Jewish people. They volunteer in such organizations as United Hatzalah, Zaka, Magen David Adom, Yedidim, and others. They deliver food to hospitals and work with non-profits to support the sick and the poor and perform many other good deeds.

Many Chareidim have expressed discontent with Lapid and his anti-Chareidi stance over the course of the past few years, including leading up to and during the previous election campaign. Lapid is the son of Tommy Lapid who headed the vehemently anti-Chareidi party Shinui from 1999 to 2006.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Lapid has nothing to offer except to criticize Bibi. Since he has NO positive plan to offer, he just knocks down others, mainly Bibi and the Charadim. Why vote for him? Because he looks good and he speaks nicely? He has nothing to offer the country except putting down others. That is NO reason to vote for a piece of sh*t like him.

  2. This guru is %1000 right but you don’t have to be a guru to know that Lasquid is the biggest parasite. Firstly his whole political existence is based off leeching off the hatred that exists among the secular towards Chareidim. Without that he’d be in political oblivion. Secondly all the secular in Israel are parasites because they are only able to exist in Eretz Yisroel due to the great zechusim produced by the Torah and mitzvos of ehrliche Yidden.