MORE HATE FROM MK LIEBERMAN: I Decided to Stop a State Run by Halacha


In his latest anti-chareidi campaign message, MK Avigdor Lieberman, who chairs the Yisrael Beitenu party tweeted another hateful video.

The video, released on his Twitter account says:

“I could have been defense minister. I could have received the absorption ministry. I could have continued for an additional four years, but I did not, as I wanted to prevent a state run by halacha.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. What a Rasha! My heart cries when I see this hatred among our very own. I can guarantee that if this pig ever gets into some sort of trouble and needs a chareidi to bail him out , we would be there 100% . It’s so sad . How does one stoop so low?? The biggest enemy of the Jew is the new himself . Nebuch

  2. I hate his rhetoric whats amazing about him is that to get elected he’ll do anything… I don’t envy him … this will all come back to haunt him

  3. He is a racist! But the liberal leftist supreme court won’t hear of it! We need judges on the supreme court who know what it is to be Jewish and not just an American liberal.

  4. I’m not so sure he’s “one of us”. In the mass exodus of Russians who wanted to leave Russia and come to America or Israel it was impossible to verify whether they were in fact Jews it was just assumed since they wanted to leave so badly. I would not be at all surprised if he turns out to never have been Jewish in the first place.

  5. As we just read in this past week’s haftara “מהרסייך ומחריבייך ממך יצאו”. If we want a different outcome than the previous Israeli elections (including those who are not Israeli citizens and can’t vote) we have three options: teshuva, tefilla and tzedaka. And in terms of counteracting the hateful messages that Lieberman continues to spew, we need to behave in a way that causes those who watch us (and they do watch us…) to have a positive view of religious Jews – be kind, caring and considerate. True, the chessed going on in our communities is incomparable and extends to those outside the inner circle. But how are our driving habits? Do we display patience when things don’t go our way or when there are long lines at the amusement park? Are we accepting of difference in our communities and make people of various bakcgrounds and/or capabilities feel welcome? In short, let our middos be so exemplary that mean clips will not make a dent in our positive public image.