Peleg Says DON’T VOTE, Right-Wing/Chareidi Coalition Would be “Dangerous”

A Bochur is arrested at a Peleg hafgona in Bnei Brak

As the chareidi parties are fighting for every vote towards preventing the establishment of a left-wing secular coalition government, Peleg Yerushalmi warns “a right-wing/chareidi coalition government poses a danger, perhaps, not less than a government headed by Gantz and Lieberman”. Peleg rabbonim care calling on followers not to participate in elections.

The HaPeles newspaper affiliated with Peleg Yerushalmi on Tuesday writes that a right-wing/chareidi coalition is dangerous, and perhaps, no less dangerous than a government headed by Benny Gantz and Avigdor Lieberman. The ongoing efforts to impose draft quotas as part of a new draft law, are “destructive” explains Peleg leaders, warning against the establishment of a right-wing coalition along with the chareidim. “‘No’ to throwing chunks of our flesh to the tzibur for the chareidim to fill draft quotas, and ‘no’ with passive support for nationalizing chareidi education in an ongoing process. Nor do they watch over the Torah through careless silence in the face of the other breaches in religion”.

The newspaper continues, “Bnei Torah who understand, will not go to the polls to vote and they will not back a chareidi party”, concluding, “one who votes is actually assisting another in perpetrating an aveira.”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Come on, surely there was a better picture than that to represent Peleg, like one of their Rabbonim or someone. I don’t hold from them, but there must be better pictures.

  2. So a right-wing coalition with Likud/UT/Shas/Lieberman is worse for bnai torah than a Blue/White coalition??? These guys are even more looney-tunes than we had thought.

  3. R’ Chaim Kanievsky urges us to go out to vote and that’s exactly what we should do. Peleg leaders? Who are they? Have they heard of Reb Chaim? What are their qualifications? How can they go against the instructions of the Gadol HaDor?

  4. Peleg is the worst group of anti Torah, anti Rabbonim, imbeciles that ever wandered the face of the earth. They might wear black hats and coats, they might even eat cholent but they have no clue to what being a real Jew is since their leaders wandered off the path as guided by the Torah greats, Rav Shteineman zt”l and Rav Kanyevski shlita……

  5. We, the chareidi tzibbur, were never in a good position when the goverment was right wing or left wing. But it seems rediculous to say that a left wing government doesn’t pose a greater danger. It’s always been choosing between the lesser of two evils. What has changed? Yes – the chareidi politicians are sometimes impotent to prevent negative processes such as increased chillul Shabbos, intrusion in education, the draft law, etc. but they do try to minimize the damage. A left-wing coalition can legalize reform and conservative giyurim, legalize civil marriage and divorce thereby increasing mamzeirim, and much, much more. They’re both bad, but who’s worse?!!

  6. Garlic: “Peleg is the worst group of anti Torahi Rabbonim, imbeciles that ever wandered the face of the earth”
    Mothcha11: “….there must be a better picture … to represent Peleg, like one of their Rabbonim or someone”

    Well, based on dozens of stories published here on YWN documenting the chaos imposed by the tzibur by what garlic calls the imbecile, anti-torah rabbonim and their Peleg followers, I think the photo shown above is actually quite appropriate and represents a very accurate representation of what Peleg brings to the minds of most Israelis. Their arguments to ignore the gadol hador and boycott the election (which will help the Blue/White) coalition makes about as much sense as disrupting travel, blocking emergency vehicles, and attacking police and first responders.

  7. Garlic: “Peleg is the worst group of anti Torahi Rabbonim, imbeciles that ever wandered the face of the earth”
    what do you think R’ Chaim’s brother-in–law , and R’ Eliashiv’s son-in-law would say to your vitriol?
    well you can ask him he lives in bayit vegan, his name Harav Ezriel Auerbach shlita. maybe his name represents to Gadolhadorah other things but to most people his name is synonymous with a well known posek. HE is the Senior Rav of your so called peleg. Maybe Gadolhadorah will agree that degel hatorah has more in common with the dati leumi whom they turned to, and have found a common ground. the fact that erev rosh hashana frum yidden can speak this way behooves all of us to ask ourselves where are we standing and have we been suctioned into the electioneering. and we are standing on the sidelines hooting for our team like any good football (american) game?