Lapid: I Am No Less a Jew than Gafne and Litzman


“My conflict with the chareidi parties is not about Yiddishkeit” stated Yesh Atid party chairman, MK Yair Lapid, who holds the second slot on the Blue & White party list, during the Maariv and Jerusalem Post Conference taking place on Tuesday.

According to Lapid, “They are trying to claim it is about Yiddishkheit. The conflict with them is about learning math and English in the chareidi education system and not about Yiddishkheit. The Vilna Gaon was a mathematical genius. The Rambam was a doctor. King Shlomo spoke 70 languages. Where is the issue with learning English? It is a matter of economics. One of parnasa. If their children do not learn math and English, they will not have the tools for the workplace. They will not be able to support themselves. If they cannot support themselves, who will support them? Our children? Why?”

Lapid insists that he is no less Jewish than the heads of the chareidi parties and they will not tell him how to live. “Yiddishkeit is a central part of me life. It is my identity. My Yiddishkeit is a part of how my family conducts its life, my Shabbos table. Certainly, my choice to live in Israel is a Jewish choice. What does this say about the conflict I have with Litzman and Deri? Nothing! Nothing at all. I don’t ask Litzman and Deri how to live as a Jew. No one certified them to speak in the name of Yiddishkeit. I am no less Jewish than them at all. I do not tell them how to live as a Jew. They will not tell me how to live as a Jew…”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid, in a post on his Facebook page on Erev Yom Kippur, apologized for not yet drafting chareidim, initiating civil marriage and providing public transportation on Shabbos.

    “I have what to apologize for, Master of the Universe, but not for mistakes we [in the Yesh Atid party] made, but for what we have not yet changed,” Lapid wrote on his page.

    “As long as there is no civil marriage and public transportation on Shabbat because of people who think they speak in your name, we have what to change. As long as we have not completed the historic process of drafting chareidim and enabling them to enter the workforce, we have what to change.”

    Talk about apologizing before Yom Kippur.


  3. very well said. the Rambam was among the top 5 doctors and astronomers and philosophers and Talmudists/ halakhists of his time. His first published work (at the age of about 14) was on LOGIC.

  4. He lives like a Goy in the land of the Jews. His Judaism ends before it starts.
    To be Jewish is not dependant on where you live or who your Mother is. It is allegiance to the Torah. Yes he will be accepted back when he does Teshuva if his Mother is Jewish but until such time he has a Din of Akum for all purposes.

  5. if having a Jewish mother is the only standard to be Jewish, so Lapid is Jewish like other mumzers…

    but if observance is part of being Jewish, than Lapid is certainly lacking….

  6. No Bagrut Lapid is lecturing on educations??? Cushy office job/ nepotism/writer Lapid is lecturing us on army service?? Puh-lease!! Tell it to Sweeny!! Chareidim contribute more to the Israeli Army than Lapid did with his mock service. Lapid promotes desecrating the Shabbat , encouraging lifestyles in opposition to the Torah, and lack of respect for Torah studies. If Yiddishkeit is so important to him, I can recommend some great Baalei teshva yeshivas that will accept him.

  7. Lapid’s choice to live and think like goy and try to mold Israel in that fashion does not make him into “less of a Jew”. It makes him into an dead empty shell of a Jew.