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Bayit Yehudi Officials are Working to Rebuilt the Party

CEO of the Bayit Yehudi party, Nir Orbach, on Monday morning released a letter to party members regarding the party’s next move. According to Orbach, in stage one, a committee was established to examine the results of the election.

Orbach announced that the committee already met on Sunday night, and they will announce their findings and recommendations after reviewing the election results. The committee will also address “future challenges” facing the party, Orbach explained.

The major news is the committee will focus on rebuilding the party, which represents the national religious camp, that has suffered a blow in the recent election, “to bring the national religious camp to its fitting status” Orbach added. This will include traveling the country and meeting with people in their homes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. as long as the party maintains a land-uber-alles focus, it will remain distinct from the traditional mizrachi party. besides, most mizrachi members, unlike hareidim who promote their interests in their own party, have joined the State and a national party.

    an attempt to revitalize is a wasted effort. save your effort.

  2. As long as they refuse to give Otzma Yehudit the respect (they have now proven) they deserve (82000 votes) they are wasting their time.

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